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Top Healthy Food Franchises in 2024

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Did you know that in 2022 the global health and wellness food market size was estimated to be valued at almost $114 billion? Or that their rate of growth is expected to reach $177 billion by 2027?

Healthy food franchises continue to bring more revenue to the United States. The trend which started years ago is gaining increased traction since the pandemic as people grow more conscious of what is served on their plates.

Our team at Vetted Biz has reviewed 100+ Healthy Food franchises to create a list of the 15 Top Healthy Food franchises based on their Initial Investment amount.


What is an Initial Investment?

The Initial Investment amount is the estimated expenditure required to develop a single franchise store. The initial investment is officially the seventh item within the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) that you need to sign when you start a franchise and includes the franchise fee, the cost of fixed assets, leasehold improvements, inventory, deposits, other fees, and costs, and working capital required during your franchise’s start-up period

Here is a list of the top 15 Healthy Food franchises to own in 2023 based on their Total Initial Investment amount.

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1. Maui Wowi

Founded in 1986

Number of US Locations: 108

Investment range: $29K – $1.12M

Mawi Wowi offers fresh fruit smoothies, Hawaiian coffee and related espresso beverages, a variety of Hawaiian products, other beverage, and food items, amongst other products and services. Maui Wowi products are sold from either fixed storefronts, non-traditional locations such as malls, airports, and business complexes, or from portable units placed at events that occur occasionally or are held in special or temporary venues.

2. Smoothie Factory

Founded in 2013

Number of US Locations: 21

Investment range: $31K – $430K

Smoothie Factory offers delicious and healthy smoothies to people of all ages. Their mission is to provide the highest quality smoothies possible, using only the freshest ingredients available. Their team of experts has developed a variety of recipes that are sure to satisfy the customer’s cravings, whether they are looking for a classic strawberry banana smoothie or something more adventurous.

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3. Planet Smoothie

Founded in 1995

Number of US Locations: 152

Investment range: $81K – $447K

Description: Planet Smoothie offers various smoothie flavors, shakes, and juices. The franchise also offers catering services.

4. Red Mango

Founded in 2006

Number of US Locations: 65

Investment range: $119K – $617K

Red Mango offers primarily authentic frozen yogurt and treats, yogurt and non-yogurt-based smoothie beverages, fruit-based smoothie beverages, fresh-squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, healthy foods, café items (e.g., wraps, salads, soups, flatbread) and related products and services for dine-in consumption and take-out service.

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5. Jamba Juice

Founded in 2018

Number of US Locations: 738

Investment range: $130K – $1.02M

Jamba Juice offers fruit smoothies, juices, and healthy snacks. They offer a variety of flavors and combinations to suit every taste. Jamba Juice is also committed to being a healthy and sustainable company. They use only natural ingredients in their products and strive to reduce their environmental impact. Their smoothies are made with fresh fruits and vegetables and have a low-calorie count.

6. The Extreme Pita

Founded in 1997

Number of US Locations: 100

Investment range: $160K – $442K

The Extreme Pita offers “wrap-style” hot and cold pita and wrap sandwiches, flat baked pitas, salads, soups, and other assorted foods and drinks

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7. Vitaly Bowls

Founded in 2013

Number of US Locations: 75

Investment range: $209K – $555K

Vitaly Bowls offers superfood cafés offering high-quality, healthy, great-tasting, and affordable Açaí bowls, invigorating smoothies, delicious Panini’s, and other healthy food options.

8. Juice it Up!

Founded in 2018

Number of US Locations: 79

Investment range: $223K – $441K

Juice it Up! offers fresh-squeezed juices, cold-pressed bottled juices, smoothies, acai and pitaya bowls, and other snacks to an increasingly health-conscious world. For many people, busy and stressful lifestyles have increasingly forced health to be lower on their priority list. But more and more people are learning to reset, slow down and think about ways they could be healthier. Juice It Up! makes it more convenient to be healthy while on the go.

9. Tossed

Founded in 2004

Number of US Locations: 4

Investment range: $232K – $482K

Tossed offers fresh salads, hot bowls, wraps, pitas, oven-roasted sandwiches, smoothies, and hot soups, among many breakfast items and sweet treats. Its mission is to redefine fast food by providing a healthy and delicious alternative to the standard fare.

10. Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Founded in 2012

Number of US Locations: 1198

Investment range: $277K – $662K

Tropical Smoothie Cafe offers customers a variety of premium, handcrafted smoothies made with select fruit and vegetables blended fresh in the cafe using proprietary recipes, as well as specialty sandwiches, flatbread, wraps, and salads.

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11. Robeks

Founded in 1996

Number of US Locations: 86

Investment range: $287K – $395K

Robeks offers nutritious food offerings including freshly prepared juices, smoothies, and other food and non-food items.

12. Smoothie King

Founded in 1973

Number of US Locations: 1103

Investment rage: $312K – $1.38M

Smoothie King offers guests a variety of custom smoothies and smoothie bowls blended to support healthy and active lifestyles. Each proprietary blend is made with select whole fruits and organic vegetables without any artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.


13. Ufood Grill

Founded in 2008

Number of US Locations: 18

Investment range: $416K – $599K

Ufood Grill offers food services featuring better-for-you food, with a wide variety of whole grain, organic, grass-fed, fast casual service food options as well as selected beverages. Franchisees can also opt to develop and operate a specified number of “UFood Grill” outlets at approved locations within defined geographic areas according to a specified development schedule.

14. Saladworks

Founded in 1986

Number of US Locations: 108

Investment range: $577K – $728K

Saladworks offers a variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps, paninis, soups, grain bowls, bread, desserts, and beverages for lunch, dinner, catering, and take-home. Saladworks offers franchising opportunities in the United States for those who wish to open their restaurant.

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15. Chicken Salad Chick

Founded in 2012

Number of US Locations: 205

Investment range: $742K – $980K

Description: Chicken Salad Chick offers a variety of chicken salad flavors as well as sandwiches, soups, salads, and sides. The company also offers catering services. The key to Chicken Salad Chick‘s success is its focus on quality ingredients and flavor. All their chicken salads are made from scratch using only fresh ingredients.


The growing interest in healthy eating has driven the emergence of numerous health food franchises in today’s market. These franchises offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to enter a growing sector, satisfying the demand of consumers concerned about their well-being and looking for nutritious food options. However, before making the decision to invest in a health food franchise, it is crucial to conduct thorough research, evaluate the company’s reputation and track record, and understand the associated costs and benefits.

At Vetted Biz, we can help you find the right franchise for you. With proper attention to these factors, a health food franchise can be a lucrative and rewarding investment for those who want to combine their passion for food with a focus on health and wellness.

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