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“It’s great to meet somebody who isn’t trying to get you to sell a brand, people who are just there to present the good, the bad, kind of an agnostic view of all things franchising, so thank you and your team for all the work you do.”

Kristin Selmeczy

Franchisee & Franchise Consultant

Discover which
franchise is best for you.

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Find Your Perfect Franchise Match

We understand that choosing the right franchise is crucial. Our matchmaking process considers your interests, investment level, and goals to connect you with the ideal franchise opportunity. Let our franchise specialist network navigate the vast options and pinpoint the perfect fit for you.



In-Depth Market Analysis for Informed Decisions

Stay ahead with comprehensive market analysis. Learn the latest industry trends, growth opportunities, and competitive insights, ensuring you make informed decisions in your franchise investment.


Expert Financial Guidance for Franchise Success

When ready, utilize the free Vetted Biz franchise business plans so you can forecast, budget, explore funding options, and plan your finances to ensure your franchise investment is sound and profitable. We have unique franchise business plans for each franchise.


Discover which
franchise is best for you.

Speak to a franchise specialist today.

And there are additional benefits to finding your consultant through us...

Free access to Vetted Biz

If you haven’t signed up as a Vetted Member on our platform, we will provide you a free trial so you have access to our premium data and tools to help support you with your efforts.

Having met with 100+ consultants

Having interacted with hundreds of franchises specialists and consultants, we have been able to identify the groups and consultants who have proven themselves committed to seeing their clients succeed.

Option to change consultants

Sometimes the connection just isn’t there. If you do not want to continue working with the specialist we connect you with, we would be happy to connect you with another one aligned with your expectations.

“Vetted Biz is the best place on the internet to find up-to-date information on franchises. The leadership is forward thinking and constantly innovating its products to keep users informed.”

Jason Revere

Franchise Consultant

“If I were going to do another franchise now, first thing I would do is go to Vetted Biz. Because you find all kinds of good stuff. You’re doing a lot of the evaluation work that franchisees would like to do but don’t know how to get the data.”

Shane Mericle

Franchisee & Founder

Discover which
franchise is best for you.

Speak to a franchise specialist today.


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