We Are Vetted Biz

Making franchise and small business insights available to entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders.

About Vetted Biz

Vetted Biz is the leading platform for accessible and analytical data on franchises and businesses available in the U.S.

We bring transparency to potential or current franchise owners as they navigate the process of buying, operating, or selling a franchise business as well as industry investors and stakeholders.

Our research team has reviewed over 7,000+ franchises and knows the key facts and data that signal a successful franchise system.

A full team supporting you each step of the way

Data is collected from sources including but not limited to Franchise Disclosure Documents, industry reports, SBA loan data, and other business research.

Vetted Biz converts analytical data and complex business material into clear, easy-to-understand information that helps individuals decide on the best business opportunities for their future entrepreneurial goals.

The team behind Vetted Biz has advised hundreds of entrepreneurs in finding and analyzing franchises across the U.S. and now is offering key analysis and data directly on Vetted Biz.

Our Story - How We Got Here

Two Brothers

Our company founders, Patrick Findaro and Jack Findaro, have known each other since they were babies (literally, they are brothers!).

They gained deep franchise knowledge while working at one of the largest franchise companies in the world as well as at various financial institutions. Eventually they decided to use their knowledge to advise franchise investors. After advising hundreds of franchise investors over the years, they realized there is a severe lack of transparency and data within the franchise and small business marketplace – thus in 2019 Vetted Biz was born!

Vetted Biz came from the idea of creating a more efficient and transparent franchise and small business marketplace by empowering entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders with data-driven insights. Since launching, we have made great progress towards our vision but are only at the beginning of our journey of bringing greater transparency to the franchise and small business marketplace.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Jack Findaro

Managing Partner

As Co-founder and Managing Partner of Vetted Biz, Jack drives our shared vision of empowering key decisions for entrepreneurial people… Full bio

Patrick Findaro

Managing Partner

Patrick supports with content generation and strategic relationships at Vetted Biz. Over three million investors have watched… Full bio

Our Core Values

Our core values define our culture, who we are, and the types of people that we interact with on a daily basis. We wanted to share them so that you can have a better idea of who we are.

Be Curious
We are constantly learning and improving ourselves. Our thirst for knowledge keeps us at the edge so that we can better serve you.
Empower Through Data
We empower people to make data-informed decisions. Our combined skillset of gathering quality data and sharing the findings with you is what sets us apart.
Take Extreme Ownership
Each of our team members is expected to "own" their work and responsibilities. Owning everything in our world enables us to continually learn, grow, and improve our services.
Foster Community
We actively encourage internal and external community through shared perspectives and aligned values. We believe we can achieve much more working together than as individuals. You will benefit from our combined knowledge base that we have built up over time.

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