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Benefits of refinancing

Reduce Monthly Payments

Refinancing with an SBA loan often leads to lower monthly payments, with a requirement for at least a 10% improvement in payment terms, providing immediate financial relief.


Improve Cash Flow

Obtain more favorable loan terms through refinancing. This is especially beneficial for debts with high interest rates or challenging repayment structures like balloon payments.


Streamlined Process

The updated standard operating procedure (SOP) has made the refinancing process more efficient, allowing for quicker responses and less hassle, especially with SBA approval.

More Refinancing Options

The newer SOP broadens the types of debts eligible for refinancing, including certain types of seller-financed notes and credit card debts, giving businesses more flexibility in how they manage their debts.


Why refinance through Vetted Biz?

Easy access to our large network of lenders

Together, we have gathered a network of the largest franchise-focused lenders in the U.S. with franchise data that streamlines the approval process for franchises and enables more potential franchisees and borrowers to gain access to funding.

More data helps lenders make better decisions

With more data on franchise and industry performance in the hands of these lenders, the lenders are able to reduce the risk of their franchise loans, thereby potentially enabling more borrowers to access loans at better rates.

Data-driven organizations team up

Data is at the heart of what we do. We have partnered with Lumos Technologies, the market leader in supplying data analytics and advisory services to small business lenders.


Financing costs can quickly add up. That’s where we can help.

Running a profitable and successful franchise can be quite a challenge, especially if you are overburdened by monthly financing costs to pay down any SBA loans.

Feeling cornered?

At Vetted Biz, we're committed to supporting you. We provide an array of refinancing solutions tailored to help you bring down your financing costs. We know the challenges of navigating bank bureaucracies, so we're here to present efficient, hassle-free alternatives.


Higher Approval Rate With Our Lenders

We have a network of preferred lending partners who will access your refinancing options, so you can get started quickly.

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a number of financial programs for small businesses, like the commonly used 7(a) Loan Program, but the process to get your funding in place can be confusing. These funds can be used for anything from construction of a new building to stocking inventory.


Proven Success in the SBA Loan Industry

With a large and expanding network of lenders, you will have choices when it comes to selecting a loan. You’ll also have access to our dedicated staff — experts in loans for businesses — to ensure the fastest possible application processing, including a dedicated loan closer to assist with the closing process.

Benefits of SBA Loans through Vetted Biz

Loans secured in all 50 States
Revolving lines of credit and fully amortizing term loans with no balloon payments
Minimal equity injection required with up to 90% lender financing
Expertise with emerging brands, mature brands, single location, multi-unit expansion and re-sales
Fixed or floating interest rates available
FREE pre-qualification with funding on average within 60 days
No early repayment penalty for loans under 15 year maturities
Competitive rates from preferred SBA lenders. These preferred lenders don’t have to go through the SBA first, so can get you an answer four weeks faster than other lenders usually with lower payment and longer repayment terms.
Loan amounts up to $5 million with terms up to 25 years

Three easy steps to take to get started on the road to refinancing your loan.

Complete the Assessment

The first step in securing business funding is to complete our quick and easy assessment. This will give us a better understanding of your current financial picture and needs, allowing us to match you with the right refinancing solution for your unique situation.

Apply for Refinancing

After reviewing your financial requirements, we pair you with the most suitable lender options. Regardless of your financial background, rest assured that we are committed to identifying the perfect refinancing strategy to match your goals and help you achieve better rates.

Secure Your New Loan & Grow Your Business

Once you have been approved for a refinancing loan, then you will complete the steps with the lender with the ideal outcome being a 10%+ savings on your monthly financing payments!

Business funding made easy - spend less time waiting to get funded.

Applying for traditional bank or SBA loans can feel like navigating a maze – endless paperwork, prolonged waits, and uncertain outcomes. And even if you triumph, you might be left with less-than-ideal terms.

Enter Vetted Biz. We are revolutionizing the small business lending landscape. Through our cutting-edge data-driven technology, we enable your loan request to be reviewed by multiple loan providers, bypassing the bureaucratic tape of conventional banks and increasing the chances of you getting funded. Our seasoned experts, with their finger on the pulse of the industry, are committed to championing the best terms for you. Let's supercharge your business ambitions today!

Frequently asked

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The data is updated as frequently as daily from many sources, including by proprietary calculations. We do our best to upload data as quickly as possible in order to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date and accurate data as possible.
Additionally, we are constantly taking feedback from our users in order to understand what data they value most and then prioritize the gathering and launching of that data.

$100,000 – $500,000

All owners of 20% or more of the borrowing entity are required by the SBA to guaranty the loan.

The loan term is between 10-25 years.

SBA’s minimum injection is 10% but start-ups, based on their higher risk, normally require a minimum of 20% or more.

Rates are based on the Wall Street Journal Prime rate plus a margin of up to 2.75% .

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