Franchise Search & Due Diligence

  • Franchise Search & Due Diligence

Consult with a Professional Franchise Advisor

Professional Guidance in the Franchise Search Process

Vetted Biz has reviewed over 2,900 U.S. businesses and franchises with over 1,700 U.S. franchises listed on our website. We have a team dedicated to reviewing Franchise Disclosure Documents and vetting these franchises in our due diligence process. 

As you explore the franchise opportunities available on our website, if you are seeking further guidance, we can also provide you with a professional advisor that can support you in finding the best franchise for your needs. 

Full Support

Full support from our dedicated Product Development team that is focused on daily research and vetting of business opportunities and operators

Private Client Manager

A client manager focused on guiding the client through the business evaluation process

Superior Service

Personalized Business Search Analysis

A personalized business search analysis based on the client and family’s profile (included but not limited to industries of interest, location and investment threshold

Step-by-Step Introduction Process

Introductions to businesses and prior investors

External Services Community

Introductions to other business professionals that will support you in the investment process

Vetted Biz is by Your Side Each Step of the Way

A client’s investment timeline is subject to a number of factors including but not limited to:

 Client’s availability to commit to the business search
 Availability of funds to invest in a business
 Capacity of business to adapt to deal terms proposed by client

Vetted Biz Difference

Operator Information

A summary of the business’ management team’s background and experience

Industry Overview

An overview of industries relevant to select businesses

Personalized Search Analysis Report

Each report will be based on businesses reviewed to carefully align with your profile and franchise goals, with a SWOT analysis on each business

Data Review

A summary of the most important information taken from the Franchise Disclosure Documents provided by the business

Business Evaluation

A business evaluation following our key business success metrics to grade the franchise.

Franchise Consulting Timeline

Step 1: Business Consultation

Review Client's specific needs and Vetted Biz's services

Step 2: Business Search

The Vetted Biz Product Development Team will conduct a personalized business search based on the clients' needs and criteria

Step 3: Presentation of Businesses

The client will receive an extensive report of the best 4-5 business options to review, followed by calls with these franchisors and franchisees

Step 4: Deal Finalization

After reviewing the franchises and discussing with franchisors, the client decides which franchise will be the best for them

Connect with a Franchise Advisor