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I use Vetted Biz for a number of reasons. As a franchisor, I want to see how we're viewed and how our competition is performing. As a franchisee, I want to see how our Franchisor system is doing.

As someone that is always looking for opportunities and curious to learn more, it's the most comprehensive database and, perhaps even more importantly, the data is presented in an organized and easy to assimilate format.”

Guy Coffey

Co-Founder of Frenchies Franchise, Franchise Owner, and Podcast Host


Unbiased franchise data to tell you what you need to know

See below examples of the types of data we have for each franchise profile:

Gross sales
Franchise investment cost
Franchisor financials
Growth rate
Franchisor contacts
Resale value
Failure rate
Franchisee contacts
Franchise payback period
Financial performance disclosures
SBA loan eligibility
Industry and category benchmarking
Franchise-specific content
And more!

“Vetted Biz is an excellent resource for researching franchise data, news, and business resources. They are true professionals. They are smart, resourceful and the data is clean. They have been a pleasure to work with.”

Sabrina Wall

CEO, Senior Franchise Broker, Franchisee, Entrepreneur

“Vetted Biz is the best place on the internet to find up-to-date information on franchises. The leadership is forward thinking and constantly innovating its products to keep users informed.”

Jason Revere

Franchise Consultant


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