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Super Green Solutions Review

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Source: 2020 Super Green Solutions Financial Disclosure Document (FDD)

What is Super Green Solutions?

A Super Green Solutions Business provides a long-term, holistic solution to the energy needs and sustainability goals of businesses and commercial and residential property owners by offering sustainability advisory services; energy auditing; sustainability planning; energy efficient products which both lower energy bills and the carbon footprint of its customers. The previously mentioned products include solar power, efficient water heating systems, atmospheric water filters, window inserts for sound mitigation, skylighting and natural lighting systems, LED and other efficient lighting, ventilation, weatherization, and insulation, energy management and climate control systems. In addition to selling these products, your SuperGreen Solutions Business can conduct an energy assessment; advise the client on a sustainability program; develop the enhancements plan; coordinate the design, construction and installation of these products at the customer’s location; and promote the client’s status to the market.

SuperGreen Solutions

Initial Franchise Fee


All franchisees purchasing a new SuperGreen Solutions franchise pay an initial franchise fee of $49,500. Eligible United States military veterans, will receive a discount equal to 10% of the standard franchise fee.


SuperGreen Solutions Franchise Cost:

The total investment necessary to begin the operation of a SuperGreen Solutions business is from $126,000 to $181,000. These amounts include $38,541 that must be paid to the franchisor.

Additional Cost Breakdown:

Below is a list of the costs that factor in the range of startup costs from $49,751 to $75,731.

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $29,500
  • Initial Advertising Fund Fee: $500
  • Travel and Living Expenses while at training school: $210-$490
  • Equipment Package: $8,496 plus applicable tax
  • Insurance: $500-$1,000
  • Licenses: $500-$8,500
  • Technology Fee: $45
  • Opening Supplies: $500-$1,000
  • Costs to Acquire Virtual or Shared Office Space: $0-$1,200
  • Additional Funds: $9,500-$25,000

Ongoing Franchise Costs and Fees:

  • Royalty: 4% of gross revenues for the month or $300 per month for the first 12 months of operation-
  • Marketing: $200 per month
  • Technology Fees: $45 per month or then current fee
  • Payment: Royalties are due monthly

-Minimum Royalty: The monthly royalty fee increases each year, ranging from $300 to $700.

Greener Energy LLC Income Statement:

Income Statement — UNAUDITED For The Year To Date Ending March 31, 2020

Franchise Fees $29,500
Product $8,550
Royalty Income $36,541
Other Income $—
Total Income $17,324
Cost of Goods Sold $57,267
Gross Profit $17,324
Advertising $5,800
Automobile $247
Bad Debt $—
Bank Fees $628
Commissions $—
Dues and Subscriptions $332
Insurance $821
Licensing and Registrations $2,250
Meats and Entertainment $105
Office $1,341
Payroll $40,459
Postage $274
Professional Fees $9,420
Rent $446
Telephone $1,982
Training $250
Travel $14,363
Total Expense $81,556
Net Income before Other Income $(64,232)
Other Income (Expense)
Interest Expense $55
Total Other Income (Expense) $55
Net Income $(64,177)
Members’ Equity Beginning $(370,718)

Key Insights Income Statement

SuperGreen Solutions has a negative net income of $64,177.


Your competitors will include large box retailers that sell and provide installation services for large appliances and building materials and building contractors specializing in remodeling and repair.


A SuperGreen Solutions franchise operates a business offering sustainability advisory services, energy auditing, sustainability certification, energy efficient products and services, and other related services.

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