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Planet Fitness CEO Steps Down: What’s Next? (2024)

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In a surprising turn of events, Planet Fitness, the popular fitness center chain, announced a sudden change in its leadership on Friday, resulting in the departure of Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau, a company veteran of three decades. The decision, as communicated by the board’s chairman, Stephen Spinelli, Jr., signifies a pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory as it ushers in a new era under fresh leadership.

About Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness (PFIP LLC) is an American franchisor and operator of fitness centers headquartered in Hampton, New Hampshire. With approximately 2,308 locations across the United States, of which 2,076 are franchised units and the remainder are corporate-owned, the company stands as one of the largest fitness club franchises in terms of both membership base and geographic presence.


Financial Insights

In terms of investment, potential franchisees can anticipate a range of $1.52 million to $5.14 million, with a midpoint investment of approximately $3,328,000. The initial franchise fee is set at $20,000, accompanied by a royalty fee of 7%. This information was obtained from our franchise comparison tool, highlighting the competitive nature of the industry.

Comparatively, in the fitness industry landscape, competitors like Anytime Fitness present a different investment profile, with a range of $389,000 to $970,000 and a midpoint investment of approximately $679,532. As for the total number of locations, Anytime Fitness boasts a total of 2,330 across the United States, with 2,318 of these being franchise units.

Meet the Interim Leader: Craig Benson

Taking the reins in the interim is Craig Benson, a distinguished member of the board with six years of experience, as well as a franchisee of both Planet Fitness and Dunkin’ Donuts. The company is actively exploring both internal and external candidates in its search for a permanent CEO.

Market Turbulence: Planet Fitness Stock Plunge

This executive transition has sent ripples through the financial world, prompting a sharp decline in Planet Fitness stock, which fell about 13% after the gym chain’s board ousted longtime Chief Executive Chris Rondeau. The stock dropped 16% to $50.29, its lowest level since August 2020. So far this year, shares are down about 36%. This development has captured the attention of investors and market analysts, who are closely monitoring the situation.

Rondeau’s Legacy: A Decade of Growth

Chris Rondeau’s tenure as Significant achievements have marked CEO. Over the course of a decade, he steered the company’s membership base to an impressive 18.4 million, a growth of over five-and-a-half times. The expansion of its physical footprint by fourfold, encompassing more than 2,400 stores, stands as a testament to his visionary leadership. Furthermore, Rondeau nearly quintupled the company’s revenue, projecting it to exceed $1 billion this year, up from $200 million in 2013. Under his guidance, Planet Fitness went public in 2015, and since its IPO, the company’s shares have more than tripled.

Planet Fitness CEO Message

In a statement following his departure, Rondeau expressed gratitude for his tenure, acknowledging the contributions of employees, franchisees, and members alike. He will continue to serve as a board member and is set to be nominated for re-election at the 2024 annual meeting.

Board-Led Change: Unraveling the Decision

The abrupt nature of Rondeau’s departure has left Wall Street puzzled. Analysts are speculating about the catalyst behind this change, with some noting the uncharacteristic cancellation of two planned investor conference presentations earlier in the week. Additionally, the decision was characterized as stemming from the board, rather than Rondeau himself.

The Quest for a New CEO

The question of Rondeau’s successor remains open, with no clear internal heir apparent. Speculation centers around the likelihood of the board seeking an external candidate with robust franchising experience, rather than necessarily a background in fitness clubs. This leadership shift also raises queries about the company’s future strategy, prompting Cowen analyst Max Rakhlenko to observe that “PLNT is working through a challenging stretch, and this period will delay new strategy implementation.”

Analyst Insights: Optimism Amid Uncertainties

Despite the uncertainties, analysts like Chris O’Cull from Stifel see potential in this change. O’Cull believes that the shift in leadership could pave the way for a more dynamic approach, potentially opening up discussions on elements like revisiting the pricing structure for the Classic Membership package.


The sudden shift in leadership at Planet Fitness heralds a new chapter for the renowned fitness center chain. With the departure of CEO Chris Rondeau, a stalwart of the company for three decades, the board’s decision marks a significant turning point in its trajectory. As the company ushers in an era under fresh leadership, it stands poised to navigate the evolving fitness industry landscape.

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