Franchise Consulting – Targeting the Franchise Industry

Franchise Industry Overall Size

To say that the franchise industry is a massive one would be an understatement. Per the most recent 2020 report from the International Franchise Association’s website, there were over 770,000 franchise locations employing over 8.4 million people with a GDP of over $473 billion in 2019. These figures were expected to continue steady growth going into 2020 though that growth will likely be negated due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on the franchise industry.

Franchise Industry Investment Opportunities

Although the franchise industry has been quite impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic along with the corresponding lockdown measures, the news is not all bad. Similar to the overall U.S. economy, there are winners and losers in the franchise industry. Certain sectors of the franchise industry have experienced an increase, a good example would be food concepts within the restaurant segment that are optimized for delivery have weathered the storm particularly well. Additionally, paradigm shifts as big as COVID-19 inevitably lead to new investment opportunities, and the franchise industry is no different. Certain brands and suppliers are have become attractive investment opportunities for private equity and investment firms looking at investment opportunities within the franchise market.

Vetted Biz Consulting Services

Vetted Biz was founded on the idea of bringing transparency to the franchise market for individuals and companies looking to invest in the industry. Our background is rooted strong in the finance and franchise industries. This enables our team to understand at a much deeper level the sort of information, reports, and research that can be of value to business owners, investors, and investment firms looking at franchise opportunities within this large and ever-evolving market.

How Vetted Biz Can Help

Our team works to bridge the information gap for our clientele through analytics and providing valuable resources that can help guide strategic insights into the franchise industry. For each client we work to understand their goals to see how our team of professionals can best assist with any franchise or supplier research that needs to be conducted. We take a very client-specific approach with every new client we onboard to best understand how our franchise consulting services can aid them in finding the information that they are looking for whether the client is looking for intelligence franchise market research or the client needs proper franchise search due diligence and guidance as they decide which franchise opportunity is best for them.

If you would like to make an inquiry please feel free to contact us anytime and we will be happy to see how we can be of service.

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