Why Apps Are the Future for Small Businesses

Written by: Ed Carter
Last Updated by Rocío Torres: September 20, 2022
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Discovering new ways to do the same thing is challenging no matter what the context may be. It’s particularly challenging, though, if you’re attempting this in your business, and the stakes are high. Your livelihood depends on your ability to be innovative and exciting to customers — but how can you achieve this without betraying the brand that they’ve come to trust? In a word, apps. If you want to find innovations that fuel your business’s growth, look no further than the application. The technology experts at Vetted Biz further explain.

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Understanding the Power of the Application

Applications have emerged as the most versatile and undoubtedly the most popular digital platform since the internet itself — and they’re the future for small- and mid-sized businesses looking for ways to innovate. Rolling out an application is one of the best digital improvements your company can make, and it offers the benefit of introducing your brand to a new set of prospective customers.

In many cases, apps connect companies with younger clientele, and these customers can be a valuable source of feedback for further innovation. When you’re developing your app, you can draw from a variety of sources, including cloud computing, digital marketing, machine learning, and big data. Each of these offers a different user experience on their app, and you can find the inspiration to innovate by reviewing apps from other companies, too.

Of course, you don’t have to be a big company to have a successful app. Many small- and mid-size companies utilize applications to reach customers and manage eCommerce. Your app can leverage a digital marketing campaign that highlights your company’s various offerings, or it can exploit AI-powered tech to develop an algorithm of recommendations tailored to users’ tastes.

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Using Apps Internally and Externally

Apps can be just as useful for internal use as they are for customer-facing innovation. If you’re looking for a way to manage your team more efficiently or streamline your payroll process, there are apps that can help you accomplish this. There are even time management apps to help you avoid procrastination.

An accounting app with a cloud-based capability can make invoicing a breeze by automatically generating electronic invoices. This is a great way to minimize unpaid balances, and according to research, electronically transmitted invoices are often paid within two days! This will save your company considerable time that would be spent seeking payment.

Consider accounting software that can also store and organize your transaction receipts — including invoices — so that you have them readily available for tax filing. You can even find accounting software that works for you that also manages taxes by finding deductions and checking your compliance. When these features are based in the cloud, you never have to worry about the security of your data.

Automation in an App World

Apps can prove valuable in many ways, but they can work even better in a workplace that also utilizes BPM (business process management) optimization. Instead of seeing data as individualized groups of information, BPM can let you see how all of the facets of your business work together towards a specific goal. Automating and optimizing workflows can improve previously labor-intensive processes in ways that all of your employees can see and benefit from. Start by identifying areas to improve through BPM as a team, and monitor its effectiveness. Then, take steps to address those problematic areas.

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Protecting Digital Data

The digital world is incredibly appealing and very promising, but it is important to remember the importance of digital security. Apps that make it to market generally have firewalls in place to protect their users, but it is best to research specific products before adopting their app for your personal or professional use. And when you communicate important information, whether internally or externally, use password protection for your PDFs for additional security. Any PDF merge tool can help with this process. After you have combined any documents you would like to have in one file. Simply select the files, merge, and then select Tools -> Protect -> Encrypt -> Encrypt with Password. With a few steps you can ensure your information is safe.

App-Based Innovations for Small Businesses

When it comes to innovation, there are few platforms more promising than the app. This is true for both internal operations and customer-facing presentations, too. You can take advantage of everything digital tech can offer by investing in apps that provide the resources you need and then applying automation processes to streamline and monitor your business processes. With tools  to manage all of your important business processes, you can focus on innovations that serve your clients.

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