Who will dominate the pet franchise market in 2024?

Written by: Parth Parth
Last Updated by María Fernández Amato: January 20, 2023
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There is a huge variety of pet franchises available in the market for 2022 and beyond. In today’s article, we will compare those franchises by different metrics, including payback period, the number of stores, etc.


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The State of the Pet Industry 2022 to 2027

Three of the biggest franchise contenders in the pet market are Pet Supplies Plus, Camp Bow Wow and Woof Gang Bakery. However, none of them own more than 5% of the market share, resulting in a highly fragmented market. The industry brings in $8.4 billion in revenue annually, with profits of $952 million. There’s an expectation of an annual growth rate of 2.7% between 2022 and 2027.

Pet Franchise Comparison

This growth will be driven by the increase in the number of households with a pet, as shown below.

Pet Penetration (households with a pet)

2011 62%
2020 70%

There is a massive opportunity for pet franchises to expand!

Pet franchises do not dominate their industry, as is the case with franchise businesses in Pizza, Hair Salons and Auto Service/ Parts.

At Vetted Biz, we forecast Pet franchises to further penetrate their industry, taking away customers from large box retailers like Petco and Petsmart.


We will look at the top franchises in different categories, but first, let’s tabulate the data from the biggest pet franchises by unit count of Pet Supplies Plus, Dogtopia, Petland, Wild Birds, Camp Bow Wow, Dog Training Elite and Woof Gang Bakery.

Pet Franchises

Franchise Total Unit Count Midpoint Investment Average Unit Volume Payback Period (in years)
Pet Supplies Plus 603 $ 989,535 $ 2,765,000 3.5 – 5.5
Dogtopia 166 $ 1,016,497 $ 991,000 10 – 12
Petland 99 $ 674,250 $ 4,376,000 3 – 5
Wild Birds 352 $ 240,713 $ 785,000 3 – 5
Camp Bow Wow 186 $ 1,293,000 $ 881,000 13 – 17
Dog Training Elite 94 $ 101,825 $ 534,000 3 – 5
Woof Gang Bakery 139 $ 217,850 $ 665,000 2.5 – 4
petfranchises1 scaled

Pet Franchise Unit Counts

Franchise Total Unit Count
Pet Supplies Plus 603
Wild Birds 352
Camp Bow Wow 186
Dogtopia 166
Woof Gang Bakery 139
Petland 99
Dog Training Elite 94

Pet Franchise Midpoint Investment Amounts

Franchise Midpoint Investment
Dog Training Elite $ 101,825
Woof Gang Bakery $ 217,850
Wild Birds $ 240,713
Petland $ 674,250
Pet Supplies Plus $ 989,535
Camp Bow Wow $ 1,293,000
petfranchises5 scaled

Pet Franchise Average Unit Volume (AUV)

Franchise Average Unit Volume
Petland $ 4,376,000
Pet Supplies Plus $ 2,765,000
Dogtopia $ 991,000
Camp Bow Wow $ 881,000
Wild Birds $ 785,000
Woof Gang Bakery $ 665,000
Dog Training Elite $ 534,000
petfranchises6 scaled

Pet Franchise Payback Period

Franchise Payback Period (in years)
Dog Training Elite 3 – 5
Petland 3 – 5
Wild Birds 3 – 5
Woof Gang Bakery 2.5 – 4
Pet Supplies Plus 3.5 – 5.5
Dogtopia 10 – 12
Camp Bow Wow 13 – 17

While Pet Supplies Plus is slightly expensive, it promises strong returns and is the franchise with the most number of locations. Petland and Dogtopia are upcoming players in the industry that are on track for strong growth if they are able to improve current levels of revenue and reduce the initial investment level. 

Dog Training Elite is one of the fastest growing pet franchises, but sales numbers are all over the place within their system. Some franchisees have turned their businesses into cash cows, while others are struggling to stay open based on their low unit volume per their FDD.

That said, Woof Gang Bakery has the best payback period in the industry. Woof Gang’s low capex model and high profit margins support single unit operators as well as operators seeking to grow 5+ units. Woof Gang could become the industry leader in the coming years if they continue the course.

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