Are Franchises Recommended by Franchise City Legit?

Written by: VettedBiz Research Team
Last Updated by Rocio Somoza: August 11, 2022
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Franchise City is one of the top websites that you will see when you start your search for a new franchise on Google. In this article, let’s look at the website and its offerings.

The landing page of Franchise City is very full of visual information which makes it visually unappealing. Additionally, there is a lot of call to action on the landing page in a very early-internet-esque way which makes it confusing to understand where to go and find your way around the website.


Franchise Recommendations

That said, the most important thing about a website selling or recommending franchises is its offering. So, let’s look at the top franchise recommendations available on Franchise City:


1-800-RADIATOR sells radiators, condensers, air conditioning compressors, fan assemblies, fuel pumps, hoses, exhaust-related products and services, heavy-duty hard parts and services, and other automotive parts and related services to automobile repair shops and parts stores, fleets, chain accounts, and retail consumers. The company has a for-sale rate of 9% compared to the Automotive industry median of 5.5%. The company is also seeing stagnation in franchise growth and more franchises closed in the last three years than new ones opened.

franchise city

America’s Swimming Pool Company

America’s Swimming Pool Company provides swimming pool cleaning, swimming pool maintenance, and swimming pool renovation services, as well as other services and products related to the swimming pool industry. With a 33$ growth rate, the franchise is growing 50% faster than the industry median.


1-800-PLUMBER provides businesses specializing in providing plumbing products and services, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products and services to residential and commercial customers under the name and mark 1-800-Plumber. This business has a failure rate of 33% compared to the industry median of 13%. This is a huge red flag as it means a lot of franchisees aren’t keeping their businesses open.

4EVER Young

4EVER Young locations feature aesthetic, cosmetic, anti-aging, weight loss and related services and procedures focus on the mental and physical health of individual clients. The franchise is very new and has only 8 locations as of the end of 2021. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with this franchise on the surface, it is a new concept. As such, the motivations behind Franchise City recommending this franchise in their top recommendation are unclear.

911 Restoration Franchise Inc.

911 Restoration Franchise Inc., a California corporation, offers franchises for 911 Restoration emergency response service businesses that provide emergency clean-up from fire damage, water damage, mold damage and mold inspections, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, and crawl space cleaning. The failure rate for this franchise is 20%, compared to the industry median of 11%.

Aire Serv

Aire Serv franchisees install, maintain, and repair certain residential and commercial heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality services and equipment, sell and service water-based heating systems; perform related services and sell related products. With a 20% growth rate between 2019 and 2021, this is a good franchise you should look at!

franchise city

A Place At Home

A Place At Home provides non-medical in-home care services, senior living placement services, care coordination, health care organization staffing services, and other services and products. The franchise has grown from 3 to 18 locations between 2019 and 2021 which is a good sign of growth. There are also no glaring issues with the for-sale and failure rates. 

This might be the only franchise on the top 10 recommendations that is worth looking into. However, it is still in its infancy and needs to prove itself.

A Right Place for Seniors

A Right Place for Seniors is a franchise in the senior living industry founded in 2012. They offer a variety of senior services like in-home care, memory care, and senior care. The company has not made its Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) readily available. This does not necessarily mean that the franchise is bad, but you should do thorough research and speak to current franchisees before starting a franchise with A Right Place for Seniors.

Always Best Care

Always Best Care offers franchises for the operation of a business that will provide the public with non-medical in-home personal care, skilled in-home nursing services, and assisted living/residential care placement services. The franchise has a growth rate of 9% and its for-sale and failure rates are comparable to the industry standard.

AAMCO Transmissions

AAMCO Transmissions is a transmission and general automotive repair center. In the last three years, the franchise has shrunk by 7% – this is at a time when the industry actually grew by 7%. Also, the for-sale rate for this opportunity is 16%, compared to 5.5% which is the industry median. Lastly, the failure rate of 16% for this is also 2x the industry median.



Franchise City is a source for franchises that has a mix of both amazing and not-so-good opportunities. We recommend you doing your research before investing in a business.

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