Finding the Right E-2 Franchise or Business for You

The following is an excerpt from the E-2 Startup, Buy, or Franchise Webinar with Joorney Business Plans and Visa Franchise

Online Franchise and Business Search Guide

If you want to go to the self-guided approach through Vetted Biz, you would have the information all there. If you prefer to do the business and franchise search all yourself, which is fine, you have Vetted Biz, as well as you can reach out directly to business brokers through Vetted Biz to better understand what opportunities might be available that may be coming to market in the near future.

Franchise Opportunities Available with Vetted Biz

So we’re actually fortunate, next week, we have a live stream with Estrella Insurance. It’s a franchise that’s been around for 40 years now. They have 149 locations throughout the United States and they’re expanding. Throughout the U.S. we have multiple clients that have invested with them and that are in the process of investing with Estrella. And, again, they’re based in Miami. Founded in 1980, 149 locations. You can invest as little as $50,000, so it might be a little low for the E-2. You’re going to have to see with your immigration attorney, maybe you have to invest in a couple of locations to qualify for the E-2. If you’re interested in this opportunity, you can go ahead and just fill out the franchise request information here on our site. I’ll send a quick link for everyone just to see where they can access this information. And then also, sign up for the webinar if you’d like to learn more about this insurance franchise as well as the insurance industry. It’s not necessarily the first thing that you think about when investing in a franchise, most people think about food, but we like the margins of insurance, relatively low startup costs, and then you have that renewable revenue, that book of business that you’re growing over time. So feel free to dial into our live with the head of franchising at Estrella Insurance. We’re going to be bringing them on.

Rush Bowls Franchise during COVID-19

I’m just going quickly back, wanted to go through another example of a franchise as well as… Let’s go through a full maintenance company. So this is now at the higher investment threshold where now given COVID, you’re probably going to invest much closer to the 200K, 220K for this franchise Rush Bowls. They’ve already done the grab and go concept for many years now. So they’ve already been well positioned with how their business model is and the environment that we currently are in with COVID and sanitation and making sure that the restaurants are COVID-compliant as possible. They have 34 locations, not as long of a tenor as other franchise, but 2004, it’s not bad, 16 years. They’ve gone through some economic downturns. They’ve had a lot of time to revamp their business model and they have locations throughout the United States. If you’re interested in this opportunity, feel free to just fill out the form and we’ll get you in contact directly with Rush Bowls, if you’re interested in exploring this opportunity for your E-2 investor visa.

Existing Business Opportunities

And then the last one I wanted to go through, is an existing business. So you can see the asking price tends to be more for existing businesses rather than if you were going to start, for example, a pool maintenance business. This business has been around for 32 years. So it’s passed the test of time. It’s a little expensive on the asking price. When you look at earnings, and it’s already doing $218,000 of earnings, it’s not bad. It’s a multiple about five times profit. Depending on how many hours the owner’s working, it’s going to depend on the multiple that’s used of profit to get at that asking price. For this, the owner’s working 20 hours a week. So with a deal like this, you could potentially look to see if they’d be willing to do owner financing, maybe do a lower offer of 700,000, 600,000 and finance the rest over the period. This is in Jacksonville growing area of the United States where you don’t have the same high cost of living as say a Southern California or even in Miami where we’re based. So if you’re looking for a more low-cost area, a business that has much runway to expand and that you’d already be earning substantial profits from the business, you can definitely consider this business. And if you have an American partner, you might also qualify for SBA loan. So you could potentially put 30% down as equity and then get financing for the rest. And we’re seeing rates really low, like around 5% for a loan of about 10 years. So that’s an option for those E-2 visa investors that might have a local business partner that they could buy a business together and the American partner, the business might be eligible for an SBA loan.