Is Buying a CorePower Yoga Franchise in 2023 a Good Idea?

Written by: Parth Parth
Last Updated by Ailen Faiad: May 16, 2023
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CorePower Yoga, an innovative and successful yoga studio chain, has been revolutionizing the yoga industry since its inception in 2002. With a unique approach to fitness and wellness, CorePower Yoga combines the physical and mental benefits of yoga with a strong community aspect. As a prospective franchisee, you may wonder if buying a CorePower Yoga franchise in 2023 is a good idea. This article will explore the various factors that contribute to the potential success of a CorePower Yoga franchise in the current market, including financial considerations and market trends.


Market Trends and the Growing Popularity of Yoga

CorePower Yoga Franchise

Over the past decade, yoga has become increasingly popular, with millions of people worldwide incorporating it into their daily routines. According to the International Yoga Federation, there were approximately 300 million yoga practitioners globally by 2020. This popularity shows no signs of slowing down, and the market for yoga studios, products, and services is projected to continue growing.

One of the driving forces behind this growth is the increasing awareness of the benefits of yoga on physical and mental health. Studies have shown that yoga can help alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression while improving strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. As more people discover these benefits, the demand for high-quality yoga studios and instructors has risen, making yoga franchises more appealing to potential investors.

The CorePower Yoga Model

CorePower Yoga stands out from other yoga studios because of its unique combination of traditional yoga practices and modern fitness techniques. Each class is designed to be accessible to practitioners of all levels and focuses on building strength, flexibility, and balance through dynamic, challenging sequences. CorePower Yoga also offers a variety of class formats, including Hot Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, and CorePower with three levels, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Moreover, the CorePower Yoga brand emphasizes creating a strong sense of community within its studios. It strives to create an inclusive and welcoming environment where students can form connections with fellow practitioners and instructors. This focus on community building sets CorePower Yoga apart from competitors and has contributed to its loyal customer base.

Franchisee Support and Training

CorePower Yoga is known for its comprehensive franchisee support and training program, designed to equip franchisees with the necessary tools and knowledge to run a successful studio. Franchisees receive support in site selection, lease negotiation, studio design, and construction. Additionally, CorePower Yoga provides extensive training for franchisees and their staff, including ongoing workshops and seminars on the latest trends and best practices in the yoga industry.

The company’s commitment to helping franchisees succeed is demonstrated by its thorough onboarding process and continuing education opportunities. This support is particularly valuable for those new to the yoga industry or running a business.

CorePower Yoga Franchise Financial Considerations

As with any business venture, potential CorePower Yoga franchisees should carefully consider the financial aspects of owning a franchise. The initial investment required to open a CorePower Yoga studio can range from $455,200 to $1,206,000, depending on various factors such as location, size, and construction costs. Additionally, there is a franchise fee of $35,000 and ongoing royalty fees of 5.0%. To qualify as a franchisee, a liquid capital of $25,000 is required.

It is essential to weigh the potential return on investment against these costs. The yoga industry’s continued growth and the strong CorePower Yoga brand increase the likelihood of a successful franchise. However, potential franchisees must also take into account their individual financial situations and consider factors such as local competition and market saturation.

CorePower Yoga Franchise

CorePower Yoga Franchise Location and Demographics

The success of a CorePower Yoga franchise will also depend on choosing the right location. Ideal locations will have a strong demand for yoga and wellness services, as well as a demographic profile that aligns with CorePower Yoga’s target audience. Generally, this audience includes health-conscious individuals with disposable income who value fitness and well-being.

With 11 units in operation, CorePower Yoga has demonstrated its ability to establish studios in various markets successfully. Potential franchisees should research their local market and assess the area’s demand for yoga and wellness services. They should also consider factors such as population density, accessibility, and nearby amenities that could influence the success of their franchise.


In conclusion, buying a CorePower Yoga franchise in 2023 can be a good idea for potential investors who are passionate about health and wellness, and those who are willing to commit to the necessary financial investment and ongoing support.

The yoga industry‘s continued growth, combined with the unique CorePower Yoga model, comprehensive franchise support, and strong brand reputation, provide a solid foundation for success.

However, potential franchisees should carefully assess their local market, competition, and financial capabilities before making a decision. With careful planning and execution, a CorePower Yoga franchise can offer a rewarding business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to make a positive impact on their community’s health and well-being.

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