Published on 17 Mar 2022 Time 3 min read Last update by 9 Feb 2024

Birthday Pak Franchising LLC: The Worst Company Ever? 

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There are a lot of companies out there that you probably shouldn’t invest in. Birthday Pak Franchising LLC is one of those companies. It might just be the worst company ever.

“If you’re looking for a terrible business to invest in, look no further than Birthday Pak Franchising LLC. This company is a disaster and I would recommend staying far away from it…

...They have scammed countless people out of their money and provided horrible customer service. I wish I had never dealt with them!" 

Birthday Pak Franchising LLC

A consumer purchased a franchise Birthday Pak Franchising LLC and paid $12,500. This consumer states that she was told that she would make about $11,000 per month. Also, the consumer states that after a year, she has lost over $20,000. Consumer states that when she gets billed every month from the franchisor whether or not she makes money and many months she did not make money and was advised to take out a loan to pay for the monthly fees.

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The same consumer believes that this is deceptive and that this business model cannot make money. Consumer states that nowhere in the contract/franchise agreement does it state that she cannot close a zone, however, when the consumer tried to close two zones, the company told her that she cannot close the zones. Consumer states that she is losing money on keeping zones open.

Complaint Source: FTC Call Center

Complaint Date: 2/5/2019

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Why you Should Not Invest in this Business?

Here’s why: first of all, their customer service is terrible. I’ve never had such bad customer service from any other company. They’re always incredibly rude and unhelpful. Second of all, their products are really low quality. The birthday packs they sell are filled with cheap materials and the decorations are always falling apart. Finally, their prices are way too high for what you get in return. You could easily find a better deal on a similar product from another company.

So overall, I would not recommend investing in Birthday Pak Franchising LLC. There are much better companies out there that you can trust your money with. Avoid this one at all costs!

If you’re considering investing in this company, please think again. It’s not worth the hassle or the money. There are plenty of other businesses out there that are much better than this. Save yourself the trouble and go with one of those instead!

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