Vetted Biz Ranks Feedspot’s 16th Top Franchises Blog of 2020

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated by Marina Longo: August 17, 2022
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Top Franchises Blogs of 2020

Vetted Biz is now recognized as the Top 16 Franchises Websites by Feedspot’s Top 60 Franchise Blogs, Websites, & Influencers in 2020. Feedspot tracks and has all the best websites and blogs in one space, depending on the category of interest. It is the top source for searching the best franchise blogs online.

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How Vetted Biz Provides Franchise Information

Vetted Biz has the largest accessible and analytical franchise data available to the public through its online platform. The Vetted Biz research team has reviewed over 2,900 franchises and have put them through a due diligence process. The goal is to show qualified businesses to qualified leads, hence the name Vetted Biz. Vetted Biz currently has 1,700 franchises listed on its website. Each franchise contains pertinent details from its Franchise Disclosure Document, including but not limited to U.S. franchise units, investment amount, and if the Item 19 is available on the FDD. A Franchise Disclosure Document can be anywhere from 100-200 pages and can be overwhelming for a potential franchisee to read. Vetted Biz has already extracted that data so it is easy for users to evaluate and compare franchises within the website.

Other important key items in Vetted Biz franchise profiles include but are not limited to franchise’s marketing fee, royalty fee, franchise fee, and units opened and closed over a few years.

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Franchise SBA Loan Data

Not only has Vetted Biz reviewed thousands of Franchise Disclosure Documents, but Vetted Biz has also reviewed the SBA Loan Statuses of these franchises and non-franchise businesses. The research team conducted a study of all franchises that used the SBA 7(a) loan from 1991-2019, and measured the SBA Loan Success Ratio of franchise industries and more. The SBA Loan Success Ratio is how many SBA loans were paid in full for every one loan that was not able to be paid back (charged off or defaulted). Franchises from the NAICS codes were organized into Vetted Biz’s industries and further analyzed.

On franchise profile pages, the SBA loan Data uses the SBA Loan Franchise Directory to show if a franchise is eligible for SBA financing, meets the FTC's definition of a franchise, and any additional notes if available.

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Detailed Franchise Metrics

The third tab on a Vetted Biz franchise profile is the detailed metrics. This is analyzing the data from the FDD further. There are three important rates that are calculated on this page.

  1. The System Transfer Rate represents all franchise unit transfers relative to the total number of franchise units. A lower transfer rate and lower overall transfers indicates a more robust and stable franchise system.
  2. The Growth Rate is the percentage change of total franchise units from one year to the next. A higher Growth Rate signifies an expanding franchise system.
  3. The Exit Rate represents the percentage of closures and terminations that happened in a given year. A higher Exit Rate is a negative indicator and should be investigated further in order to understand if there are any potential issues with the system as a whole.
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