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How to Franchise a Vending Machine Business: The Ultimate Guide (2024)

vending machine business

Have you seen ads on Facebook, Google, and YouTube, for vending machine opportunities? I don’t know if I looked at just one, but I keep getting ads. And I want to go through today’s video to see if a vending machine business for sale, franchise opportunity, the business opportunity is worth it, and what you can expect to earn if you do decide to pursue a vending machine franchise.

Are you frequently coming across ads for vending machine business opportunities on platforms like Facebook, Google, and YouTube? It’s hard to pinpoint if I’ve explored just one, as the frequency of these ads keeps increasing. Today, we will navigate this topic to evaluate if investing in a vending machine business for sale or a vending machine franchise is worthwhile. We’ll also discuss the potential earnings one can anticipate if they decide to delve into this lucrative world of the vending machine franchise.

Vending machine businesses are gaining a lot of attention as a popular source of passive income. The appeal lies in their low maintenance requirements coupled with the potential for significant income, simply by choosing the perfect spot for your vending machine. Location is of paramount importance in this venture; hence, the mantra, location, location, location. It plays a pivotal role in the success of your vending machine business, and we’re going to delve deeper into this aspect, among others, concerning owning and operating a vending machine business or vending machine franchise routes, in today’s video.

We will also explore the associated costs, strategies on launching a vending machine business from scratch, and how to acquire an already established vending machine operation. The cost of a vending machine can range significantly, starting from a few hundred dollars and potentially going up to $10,000 or even more. This largely depends on the type of vending machine you’re considering. For instance, ice vending machines that are commonly seen outdoors at gas stations entail substantial investment due to their high-end equipment and technology.

Through this analysis, we hope to provide a comprehensive overview of the vending machine business landscape, helping you make an informed decision about entering this potentially profitable sector.

Vending Machine Business in Numbers

The overall industry, in terms of vending machine operators, 67% of operators are pretty small, making less than $1 million from their operations. However, we have some pretty big corporations that own multiple vending machines and have a mini empire, where 10% of vending machine operators are making more than $10 million in revenue a year from the business.

You need to structure a budget to ensure that the revenue outweighs your costs because there are associated costs. And if the vending machine is making, say, $1,000 a month for the products, and the maintenance, and for your time, if you want to budget that in, the cost might be 40%, 50%, 30%. It’s gonna depend on the product. But it’s generally a pretty high-margin sale. It can be hard to get a lot of money going as many vending machines are just making $100, $200 a month.

Forty-five percent of vending machines are in factories or offices, followed by hotels and schools.

The best vending machine opportunities are gonna be in top locations. And that might be a benefit of going with a franchise or a business opportunity, as generally, they have a corporate office that’s really gonna analyze the location on your behalf.

Vending Machine Business Opportunities

Some of the start-up costs, if you want to get into the vending machine game, and then you’re looking to start from scratch and not go for that vending machine business for sale, is the license, insurance, leasing, inventory, and transportation.

HealthyYOU Vending

In the world of the vending machine business, HealthyYOU Vending stands out. They offer 2,500 diverse products at wholesale rates, giving owners a vast selection to choose from. With only a one-time initial cost, it operates differently from a vending machine franchise, as there are no ongoing fees. The software provided guides you through every aspect of the business, including how to optimize price and maximize your revenue effectively. HealthyYOU Vending simplifies the process of securing the ideal location anywhere in the United States.

Then, Naturals2Go is similar to HealthyYOU. It’s clear there’s a strong rivalry between them as both aim to provide healthy vending alternatives. Naturals2Go offers an astounding variety of 10,000 items to choose from. For someone like me, such a vast selection would be overwhelming – I’d be more comfortable picking from 100 items, let alone 10,000.

Clothes Bins

The vending machine business model applied to the textile industry takes shape in the form of Clothes Bins , a unique venture that allows entrepreneurs to monetize throw-away materials through recycling. This vending machine franchise involves the strategic placement of bins in high-traffic areas such as schools, shopping centers, gas stations, and even business parking lots, transforming these locations into collection points for discarded textiles and clothes. When starting up this vending machine business, you’re required to establish at least 20 locations in a designated territory and manage up to 60 bins, creating an innovative method to profit from a resource that would otherwise be wasted. Also, there are some franchise options, like Ice House America, where these machines are expensive, and can range anywhere from $60,000 for their smallish merchant machine, all the way up to $135,000 plus for the Ice House.


Naturals2Go is a pioneering venture in the healthy vending machine business that enables entrepreneurs to capitalize on the increasing demand for nutritious snacks and drinks. This business model involves strategically locating state-of-the-art vending machines in high-traffic areas such as schools, offices, gyms, and shopping centers, thus transforming these spots into convenient healthy snack and beverage stations. The startup requirements for this business include establishing a network of at least 10 vending machines in a designated territory. Naturals2Go offers a franchise model that supports entrepreneurs in every step of the way, from site location, training, to ongoing operational support. The cost of each vending machine varies depending on its size and features, ranging from around $30,000 to $60,000. Through this unique business model, Naturals2Go aims to promote healthier eating habits while providing an exciting and profitable opportunity for business-minded individuals.

Vending Machines: New or Used?

Those are a couple of business opportunities, a franchise. You can also visit business-for-sale websites, like BizBuySell or even our Business For Sale section of Vetted Biz, that primarily has Florida businesses for sale, to find your ideal vending machine business for sale. There are many vending machines for sale across the country. Valuations are really across the board, where generally, you have to pay three to six times the cash flow for a vending machine business. And again, I mentioned revenue varies quite a lot.

Now, if you’re looking to buy the actually used machinery, it could be as little as $300 online, whereas a new machine might be closer to $3,000, $4,000 to buy a new vending machine. If you go with a franchise or business opportunity, though, they will be stricter than if you operate your own independent vending machine business. But going your own way, you’re gonna have no support from a franchise or a corporate office, as well as no collective negotiating power when you’re dealing with the vendors of the products.


The vending machine industry is highly competitive, and there isn’t that much transparency in terms of pricing. We spent hours digging through the information that there was on vending machine businesses for sale, business opportunities, and franchises. There’s not so much information in this space, where the companies don’t disclose much in terms of revenue, and profits. And there’s not much performance data that you have in other industries that we’ve explored on Vetted Biz.

Many vending machine operators say it’s purely a numbers game, as some perform well and others are major failures. That’s part of it, where if you’re just gonna own three vending machines, probably not worth it. You’ve gotta have a little mini empire, 30, 40, 50, 100-plus. But be sure to talk to existing vending machine operators to see how they’re doing, and perhaps someone that doesn’t live in your immediate area, as you could potentially be their competitor.

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