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Twistee Treat Franchise Cost Worth It in 2024?

Twistee Treat Franchise

Twistee Treat Franchise is a well-known chain of ice cream restaurants. It was founded in 1983 in North Fort Myers, Florida. What sets Twistee Treat apart is its unique building design, shaped like a soft-serve ice cream cone. The company has been expanding its presence in the Orlando and Tampa markets by opening new stores.

The history of Twistee Treat Franchise has seen some ups and downs. The original franchised chain went into bankruptcy in the early 1990s. A new company based in Orlando was formed in 1996. This new company had success with 35 locations in Florida and Missouri by 1999.

Twistee Treat Franchise Cost Worth It in 2023?

In recent years, Twistee Treat USA acquired the patents and rights to the company. They have been building new stores under the Twistee Treat name using old buildings purchased from previous franchisees. Additionally, they have created a new building design for future expansion.


While all new Twistee Treat stores are corporate-owned, there are still privately owned stores from previous corporations operating around the US. These existing stores were granted permission to use the name and building design but may have different menu items compared to corporate outlets.

Costs to Start a Twistee Treat Franchise

Starting a Twistee Treat Franchise can be an exciting venture, but it’s important to consider the costs involved. Currently, Twistee Treat does not offer franchise opportunities, as all new stores are corporate-owned. However, if they decide to open up franchising in the future, it is estimated that the initial investment for a Twistee Treat Franchise could range from $1.5 million to $2.5 million.

This estimate includes various expenses such as construction and renovation of the unique cone-shaped building design, equipment purchases, leasehold improvements or land acquisition costs, signage, and branding materials, inventory and supplies, and initial marketing efforts to establish brand awareness in the local market area.

It’s worth noting that these figures are just rough estimates and may vary depending on factors such as location-specific real estate prices and construction costs. Additionally, ongoing expenses such as employee wages, utility bills (electricity), insurance premiums (property & liability coverage), and royalty fees if applicable would also need to be considered when evaluating the overall cost of running a Twistee Treat Franchise.

Despite the high upfront investment required for starting a Twistee Treat Franchise store in 2023 or beyond (if available), there may still be potential for profitability. This is given its established brand recognition in certain markets like Orlando and Tampa Bay areas where expansion efforts have been focused recently.

Alternatives to a Twistee Treat Franchise

If investing in a Twistee Treat Franchise is not feasible or appealing, there are alternative options to consider in the ice cream industry. These alternatives may offer different business models and investment requirements, but they can still provide opportunities for success.

Independent Ice Cream Shop: Opening an independent ice cream shop allows for more flexibility and creativity in terms of menu offerings and branding. While it may require more effort to establish brand recognition, it also provides the opportunity to differentiate from competitors and create a unique customer experience.

Franchising with Another Ice Cream Chain: Several well-established ice cream chains offer franchising opportunities. Researching and exploring these options can provide insight into potential investments that align with personal preferences and financial capabilities.

Mobile Ice Cream Truck or Cart: Operating a mobile ice cream business eliminates the need for a physical storefront. This reduces overhead costs such as rent and utilities. This option allows for flexibility in terms of location choices and target markets.

Specialty Dessert Shop: Instead of focusing solely on traditional ice cream products, consider opening a specialty dessert shop. This might offer unique treats like gourmet milkshakes, artisanal gelato, or customizable frozen desserts.

If you want to open a franchised ice cream store, here are some options:



1Baskin-Robbins was founded in 1945 by two ice cream enthusiasts who shared a dream of creating an innovative ice cream shop that would be a neighborhood gathering place for friends and family. Today, Baskin-Robbins has more than 8,000 locations worldwide.

Cold Stone Creamery

2. Cold Stone Creamery was founded in 1988 with a mission to serve the highest quality ice cream and create a unique experience for its customers. Today, there are more than 1,000 Cold Stone Creamery locations worldwide.

Ben & Jerry’s

3. Ben & Jerry’s is a Vermont-based company that has been making ice cream since 1978. Today, they have more than 500 ice cream shops worldwide.


4. Haagen-Dazs was founded in 1961 with a mission to create the world’s best ice cream using only the purest ingredients. Today, there are more than 600 Haagen-Dazs locations in 55 countries.

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While starting a Twistee Treat Franchise is not an option, there are alternative avenues within the ice cream industry. These are worth exploring. Some of them are opening an independent shop or franchising with another chain. Ultimately, evaluating personal goals, financial capabilities, and market conditions will help determine whether investing in any type of ice cream-related venture is worth it in 2023.

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