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Tax Leaf Franchise Review (2024) 

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Tax Leaf Franchise Backgroundbookkeeping

Tax Leaf is a franchise that offers bookkeeping, payroll, personal and corporate tax returns, incorporate services, business services and accounting for franchises.

Tax Leaf differentiates itself in the market since they use a very sophisticated software and have a very competent marketing team. Another interesting factor is that their price is quite reasonable compared to what other accounting and bookkeeping firms are offering in the market 

They are known for their experience as well as their technology. They also have a system called LeafCloud – all the documents are there, available on the internet, anytime and anywhere.

Management Team

Tax Leaf has been helping people with their Tax, Accounting, and Bookkeeping needs since 1976. They have 11 units in South Florida, and one in the Orlando area.


Business Services Industry Analysis

Franchise Strengths 

  • Appeals to a wide range of the population, since legally every American and American business is required to submit an income tax return
  • Recurrent revenue streams 
  • Recession proof
  • They have a 100% cloud based accounting system
  • Personalized service

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Reliant on finding and retaining clients and small businesses
  • Operates in a competitive environment with low barriers of entry

Business Services Industry Franchise Opportunities 

  • Brand awareness will continue to grow as the concept expands
  • Tax service revenues of $11bn are forecast for 2018 (IBIS world)
  • There are 27.9 million small businesses in the US, and in Florida alone there are 2.1 million (SBA) 

Threats in the Business Services Industry Franchise Market

  • Operating in a very large, competitive market that is rapidly changing
  • People can opt to do their taxes on their own
  • New technologies and electronic filling systems available for everyone

bookkeeping franchise

How Much is a Tax Leaf Franchise?

Item Estimated Amount (in USD) When Due To Whom Payment is to Be Made
Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $40,000 $40,000 Upon signing Franchise Agreement Franchisor
Real Estate/Rent $938 $5,625 Before Beginning Lessor
Utility Deposits $500 $1,000 Before Beginning Utility Providers
Leasehold Improvements 8,000 20,000 Before Opening Suppliers
Insurance 800 1,200 Before Beginning Insurance Company
Office Equipment & Supplies 1,000 2,000 Before Beginning Suppliers
Cost of Travel, Food and Lodging for Training 2,000 4,000 During Training Airlines, Hotel & Tax Preparations Small Business Consulting
Signage 3,000 9,000 Before Beginning Suppliers
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment 4,000 10,000 Before Beginning Suppliers
Computer Equipment Services & 1,000 2,000 Before Beginning Suppliers
Dues & Subscriptions 200 1,000 Before Beginning Associations & Suppliers
Licenses & Permits 50 2,000 Before Beginning Licensing Authorities
Legal & Accounting 1,000 3,000 Before Beginning Suppliers
Market Introduction Program 3,000 6,000 Upon Opening Suppliers
Additional Funds — 3 Months $30,000 $60,000 As Necessary Franchisor, Employees, Utilities, Lessor &
TOTAL $95,488 $166,825
Royalty Ad-Fund
20% 3%

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