Spris Pizza Franchise Review

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated by Marina Longo: November 14, 2022
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This article is based on its 2017 FDD. 

Spris Pizza is a full service pizza concept featuring Italian, artisan-style pizzas, paninis, and salads that is committed to the best ingredients

Since 1998, Spris has brought authentic brick-oven pizza to Miami. The fresh ingredients, crispy thin crust, and artisanal approach to food quickly made Spris the place for a casual healthy bite in South Beach

Unlike so many of its competitors, Spris makes pizza the old-fashioned way, letting the dough rise overnight, just like in Italy. Some of their ingredients also are from Italy: Spris’ Italian organic flour from Molino Grassi and olive oil from Costa d’Oro, which make for an authentic dough.



Management Team

Spris is led Graziano Sbroggio and is part of an experienced restaurant group called Graspa Group

Originally from Treviso, Italy, Graziano Sbroggio was born into the restaurant industry as his parents owned a trattoria in his hometown. He has been part of the U.S. hospitality business for over three decades and his restaurant group, Graspa Group, currently oversees eight successful locations in South Florida including a catering and bakery business. Sbroggio brings outstanding tangible and intangible value to Spris’ concept, products and operations on a daily basis. “We knew right away we were on to something special”, says Sbroggio about the original location on Lincoln Road.

As part of their parent restaurant group, Graspa Group, Spris follows its core motto: “We are food people. It’s what we love. It’s what we do.” 

Franchise Food Services Industry Analysis

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Spris Franchise Strengths 

  • Deep in-market experience, has been a player in the Miami market for almost 20 years
  • Good quality authentic Italian style pizza and products for a decent price point
  • High gross margin business
  • Offers food and drink options that allow the concept to appeal to a wider customer base

Spris Franchise Weaknesses

  • Location and site selection are quite important in dictating the success of the business
  • Margins have the potential to be eroded due to changes in price of ingredients and / or increase in labor costs

Spris Franchise Opportunities

  • Opportunity to grow with an emerging franchisor that has established ties in South Florida
  • Huge industry that is continuing to grow – the pizza industry is worth over $38bn a year in the U.S.
  • 93% of Americans go out for pizza or buy grocery-store pizza at least one a month(1)
  • Opportunity to differentiate from competitors through artisanal pizza and gluten-free products

Spris Franchise Threats

  • Operating in a large, competitive market
  • Potential for more consumers to choose to cook and eat meals at home
  • Potential for food tastes to change and failure to adapt to those changes
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How much is a Spris Pizza Franchise?

Spris Pizza Franchise cost ranges from $ 348,200 to $778,400 according to the 2017 FDD.

Estimated Initial Investment

Types of ExpeditureAmountTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Franchise Fee40,00040,000Franchisor
Architect/Engineer7,00018,000Approved Suppliers
Project Coordinator5,00010,000Approved Suppliers
Permits5,00010,000Approved Suppliers and Gov Agencies
Leasehold Improvements95,000250,000Approved Suppliers
Equipment50,000195,000Approved Suppliers
Furniture and Fixtures70,000105,000Approved Suppliers
Smallwares5,0007,500Approved Suppliers
Signage, Menu Boards, and Graphics4,0008,000Approved Suppliers
Computer Equipment and Information / POS Systems10,00015,000Approved Suppliers
Initial Inventory and Supplies6,0008,000Approved Suppliers
Pre-Opening Advertising10,00025,000Approved Suppliers
Grand Opening Free Pizzas2,0003,000Approved Suppliers
Insurance Deposits1,4002,400Insurance Carrier
First Month’s Rent / Security Deposit6,00015,000Landlord
Initial Training5,0008,000Franchisor or Approved Suppliers
Misc. Opening Costs7,50012,500Approved Suppliers
Liquor Licensing1,5003,000Approved Suppliers and Gov Agencies
Accountant and Attorney5,8008,000Financial and Legal Advisors
Lease Review Fee2,0005,000Franchisor or Approved Suppliers
Additional Funds (3 months)10,00030,000Suppliers and Employees
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