Splash and Dash Franchise Review (2023)

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated by Brenda Bagnoli: January 20, 2023
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Splash and Dash

Founded in 2009, Splash and Dash was created to offer customers a new experience in the pet industry. It has revolutionized the pet industry since opening and now has locations throughout the United States and Australia. Has made the 500 INC list two years in a row Splash and Dash offers a variety of premium products and services by combing the pride and passion of pet love with the newest technology and resources of a large company.

Full range of products and services includes: spa treatment, monthly bath memberships, grooming, dental services, eco friendly accessories and supplies including toys, highquality pet food and treats.

Splash and Dash offers a very unique membership model, which creates recurring revenues and differentiates itself from other pet groomers / shops.


Splash and Dash Franchise Background 

Owners will typically come in on a weekly basis, which creates opportunities to sell them higher end products.

Management Team

Dan Barton, the founder and CEO, founded the business in 2009 after not being able to find an appropriate store that met his expectations to take his beloved Yorkshire Terrier “Mercedes”. Franchising started in 2015

Dan revolutionized the pet industry by licensing the membership program concept and offering it to other stores

Drawing upon his 15 years experience in the fitness industry and seeing the potential for a membership based dog-bathing system, Dan set out to change the pet industry with the creation of Splash and Dash for Dogs, a membership based dog-bathing program that provides unlimited access to a spa-like treatments on a monthly basis. Splash and Dash for Dogs was an overnight success at Hollywood Premier Pets.

Franchise Pet Care Industry Analysis 

Franchise Strengths

  • Offers unique franchise concept with recurring income due to membership model
  • Recession-proof business
  • Business provides training and support with suppliers and opening the store
  • Monthly bathing subscription sets them apart from competition

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Very large yet competitive industry
  • Have to deal with both the owners and their pets
  • Reliant on finding skilled yet quick groomer(s) that fits the model

Franchise Opportunities

  • Rapidly growing market: in 2015 pet expenditures in the U.S. reach ~$60.6bn, with pet expenditures forecasted to be ~$62.7bn in 2016
  • From 2009-2013, pet ownership in the US increased from 53.6% to 56.5%, with overall pet expenditures increasing by 18%
  • Brand is growing rapidly and is very attractive to pet owners

Franchise Threats

  • Business relies heavily on trust, negative experiences that lead to bad press or reviews can severely damage the reputation of the business
  • Profitability can be negatively impacted by close proximity of competitors within a market

How much is a Splash and Dash?

Splash and Dash Franchise cost ranges from $118,750 to $234,500 according to the 2018 FDD.

ItemEstimated Amount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Franchise Fee$48.500$48.500When you sign the franchise agreementFranchisor
Security Deposits, Utility Deposits, Business Licences, & other prepaid expenses2501.000As incurredLandlord, utilities, government, vendors
Real Estate25005.000Prior to OpeningLandlord
Leasehold Improvements10.50080.000Prior to OpeningGeneral contractor, architects/engineers, others
Furniture, Fixtures $ Equipment10.00013.000Prior to Opening Vendors and suppliers
Grooming Equipment12.00013.000Prior to Opening Vendors and suppliers
Computer & POS Systems3.5004.500Prior to Opening Vendors and suppliers
Office Expenses1501.000Prior to Opening Vendors and suppliers
Insurance6001.000Prior to OpeningInsurance Company
Signage8.50010.000Prior to OpeningVendors
Opening Inventory & Supplies8.5012.500Prior to OpeningVendors
Professional Fees (lawyer, accountant, etc.)2501.000As incurredProfessional service firms
Market introduction / grand opening marketing4.50010.000As incurredVendors
Travel, lodging and meals for training3.5004.000During TrainingAirlines, hotels, and restaurants
Additional Funds5.50030.000As agreed toLandlord
franchise specialist

How Much does a  Splash and Dash Franchise make?

Operation Time Frame High Gross Sales per Year Low Gross Sales per Year
37+ Months $1.066.498 $318.730
18-36 Months $631.328 $127.273
18 or More Months $1.066.498 $127.273
Total Avg Costs of Services Sold 62,6% 71,7%
Costs 37+Months 18-36 Months
Rent 14,5% 14,8%
Payroll 43,1% 48,2%
General Expenses 5,0% 8,7%
Costs 18+ Months
Royalties 7,0%
Local Store Marketing 2,5%
National Marketing Fund 1,0%
Total Avg Variable Costs (as % of Gross Sales) 10,9%
franchise advisor

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