Published on 7 Apr 2022 Time 2 min read Last update by 6 Feb 2024

Snap Fitness: A Franchise To Forget (2024)

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 Snap Fitness
is a franchised gym that has been around since 2003. It promises “affordable, convenient, and high-quality fitness” to its members. However, it has consistently received complaints about its poor service and bad product.

About Snap Fitness Industry

Snap Fitness
 The Fitness Center Industry has over 111,000 businesses with a market size of $34 billion, and it supports over 800,000 jobs. It has seen a resurgence in recent years as people become more health-conscious.

What Are The Responsibilities Of the Franchisee?

 When it comes to Snap Fitness, it’s not just about the customer’s experience. The franchise also needs to take responsibility for its part in the equation. This means making sure that the product is up to par, and that the staff is well-trained and capable of providing good service. Unfortunately, the company has failed to do this.

Within 4 months, the gym had gone from a $2,500 monthly loss to a $3,500 profit. I was very confident with the new business model. Then the RFID key card access doors wouldn’t open, a software crash and the realization that this 2,000 gym location company only has 4 people working IT support.

Hidden in the franchise agreement that was inspected by an attorney, he has found a gray area to send the useless product out to his 2,000 locations, charge an upfront fee and then an additional monthly subscription fee.

Complaint Source: FTC Online (11/26/18).


 On the other hand, there are a few pros to consider when it comes to this company. For example, their locations are convenient for many people, and they offer a variety of membership options.

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Snap Fitness has been struggling to keep its members happy for years, and it seems that the company is only getting worse at dealing with customer complaints. If Snap Fitness wants to improve its reputation, it needs to start by addressing the issues that its members are having. Otherwise, it will continue to lose customers to its competitors. Tjeu need to take responsibility for their actions and work to improve the customer experience.


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