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Servpro Industries: A Challenging Journey for Franchisees?

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Servpro Industries, Inc. is a company that has faced accusations of questionable franchise practices. Some franchisees have claimed that their money was not returned, and that disclosure documents were never provided. As a result, these franchisees experienced financial losses.

What Service does Servpro offer?

Servpro Industries has been operating in the cleaning and restoration industry for over 50 years. With franchises spread across the United States, they specialize in a wide range of services. Their expertise includes water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold removal, and more. Servpro Industries, Inc

is known for its commitment to supporting franchisees throughout their entrepreneurial journey. They assist in locating suitable business locations, offer comprehensive training, and provide ongoing support during each phase of the franchise operation. This dedication aims to help franchisees thrive in their respective businesses.

However, it appears that this commitment may have wavered in some instances, as certain franchisees have reported a lack of support from the company. Allegedly, Servpro Industries stopped providing assistance, leaving these franchisees to navigate challenges on their own.

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Franchisees’ Claims Against Servpro

Servpro took $36000 without any signed the agreement or receipt, and then refused to return it back. Never proved any document listed on receipt, never sent me any franchise disclosure document. Only let me print 3 out pages from the internet…

“… I lost all of my husband’s police retirement, and all my savings. Big scammer company, they termination rate is 55% of a new franchise, all sued the franchise in TN”

Source: Consumer complaint – Internet (4/20/2019)

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These claims have led to a class action lawsuit against Servpro Industries, Inc., which alleges misrepresentation of the business model, inadequate support, and engagement in unfair and deceptive practices.

If you were considering investing in a Servpro franchise, it is prudent to carefully evaluate all aspects of the opportunity. There are alternative options available in the Cleaning and Maintenance industry that might better suit your needs and expectations. For further information, our exclusive Cleaning and Maintenance industry guide provides valuable insights.


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