The Sellers’ Guide to Closing a Business Quickly: A 2024 Checklist

Written by: Pat Gray
Last Updated by Rocío Torres: January 20, 2023
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Selling a business is a unique endeavor; it’s nothing like selling a house or a car. A company is something that changes each year, from revenue trends to operation costs. On top of that, buying a business is a significant investment. Clients will want to know everything about your company before they feel comfortable buying it.

If you’ve been unsuccessful at selling your business so far, then you might be ready to try a new approach. Nothing is worse than a stale listing.

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The Importance Of Good Signage In Selling A Business Faster

What can you do to drum up more interest and show potential buyers that your business shouldn’t be overlooked?

After years of owning a business, you’re starting to think that it’s time to try something new. Even though you’re proud of what you’ve built, you’ve decided that it’s time to move on. You’re confident that now is the right time to sell your business

You might not have realized how long the process actually takes until you’ve decided to sell. High-quality signage can help you sell your business faster. Here’s how:

Reach a Different Demographic

With each method of advertising, you hone in on a different type of customer. For example, when you advertise online, the people seeing your ads are usually tech-savvy and familiar with the internet. But what if your ideal buyer is someone who doesn’t spend much time online?

For that, it’s best to try printed marketing materials instead. Outdoor signage will be seen by people who aren’t staring at their smartphones. It’s a great way to attract ideal buyers to your business. 

You never know when the perfect buyer will walk by your business. Make sure you catch their eye with professionally-designed signage.

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Put Your Message Out There

When you’re selling your business, you can only find the right buyer by using effective advertising methods. What’s the sense in having a sale if your clients don’t know about it? If you aren’t making sales, you’re not making a profit. 

Signage is a great way to reach more clients; they’re a real, tangible object that your customers can see right in front of them. Signs stand out from all the other digital ads that people see on their screens. If you want more people to know that your business is for sale, signs are an effective way to raise awareness.

Stand Out From the Competition

In a crowded digital space, it’s hard to place your ads where people will see them. You’re competing with countless competitors to be in the top spots. But with signage, you can set your advertisements where you know others will see them. Display your signage in front of your store, at trade shows, or on a busy street. 

Strike While the Iron’s Hot

You’ve probably heard this phrase before – but how does it relate to selling your business?

Part of every sale is determining the best time to sell. When it comes to business, the best time is when your revenue is increasing. Then, you can use those profits as a strong selling point for your business. 

If you own a seasonal business, then you know that revenue dips and rises at different times of the year. Try to sell your business when profits are on the upswing. 

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Save Money

When you invest in signage, you only pay a one-time cost to create a long-lasting advertisement. For as long as you’re selling your business, you can trust that your signage will stay standing. It’s an investment in an advertisement that lasts.

Unlike digital ads, signage never expires or gets outbid in a competition for the top spot. It’s an investment in an advertisement that stands the test of time. Studies show that of all marketing methods, signage has the lowest cost-per-impression. When you spend less money on advertising, you can spend more on growing your business. 

Show Off Your Unique Brand Identity

You’ve spent years creating your brand. In that time, you’ve established a brand that’s unique from your competitors and familiar to your customers. A brand isn’t something you can make overnight–it takes time to form your identity, core values, and aesthetic.

When someone buys your business, they’ll also buy the brand that comes along with it. A custom print design is an effective way to show buyers what your brand is all about. This accomplishes two things:

  • Informs buyers that your business is for sale
  • Gives them a glimpse at the colors, graphics, and tone of voice used in your branding

Leverage your brand as a selling point by creating custom signage.

 It’s rarely easy to sell a business; in most cases, it takes months of advertising and negotiating before the deal is finalized. You can speed up the sale of your business by using professionally designed signage. 

When you’re designing signage, take the time to consider how others will perceive it – it could make the difference between a business that sells in one year from one that sells in a few months.

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