OMEX Franchise Review (2020)

OMEX Franchise Review (2020) 

Franchise Background

OMEX  is a multi-million dollar, quality office cleaning facility service organization established in 1979 with the capability to successfully perform services for many of the area’s most prestigious facilities including corporate offices, medical facilities, and manufacturing facilities

Omex business cleaning services management team represents a combined total of over 60 years of commercial cleaning experience in quality office cleaning. OMEX covers millions of square feet performing daily commercial cleaning services with more than 1000 employees with offices throughout North America. OMEX is a member of the BSCAI (Building Service Contractors Association International). OMEX is also a member of the Cleaning Management Institute. Each OMEX office is an independently owned and operated business cleaning service

The mission of an OMEX business is to provide first-rate cleaning services to “Class A” office environments. OMEX businesses strive to maintain long-term relationships with client accounts by solving unique cleaning situations rather than simply being another undistinguished alternative in the marketplace. The sterling reputation of OMEX businesses allows each franchise to be selective in the accounts it undertakes, targeting only niche prospects for the ease of operation and greatest profit yield. An OMEX business will strive for controlled growth to ensure ongoing client satisfaction

Management Team

Gerald Boarman began OMEX in 1979 with the desire to control his own destiny. Boarman’s original operation employs hundreds of people who manage maintenance and cleaning services for millions of square feet of office space. OMEX has successfully supported the start-up of franchise offices throughout the United States and Canada by employing the OMEX Business Management System — a continually evolving and complete business model that is at the heart of every successful OMEX franchise operation. The company is also led by a very experienced and supportive management team that helps and trains franchisees so that they have all of the tools to success at their disposal

Franchise Cleaning and Maintenance Industry Industry Analysis

Franchise Strengths 

Relatively low investment level

Long-established franchisor that provides strong training and support

Low costs – most costs are variable as cleaners are hired and paid depending on the cleaning contracts

Necessary in all regions of the U.S.

Franchise Weaknesses

Labor-intensive industry with a relatively high employee turnover

Difficult to achieve economies of scale as the costs will typically increase along with the increase in contracts

Cleaning and Maintenance Industry Franchise Opportunities 

As reputation within a market grows, it becomes easier to obtain cleaning contracts

Large and growing opportunity – 4.9 million commercial buildings in the U.S. with more than 71.6 billion sq ft of floor space

Represents a $40b recession resistant industry and rising 

Territories available all over the U.S.

Threats in the Cleaning and Maintenance Industry Franchise Market

Contracts can be undercut by aggressive bids made by competitors

Depending on the city, the market might have many competitors

OMEX Franchise Cost (2020 FDD)

Estimated Initial Investment 

According to Item 7 of Omex 2020 FDD

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