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Nextaff Franchise Review (2021)


Nextaff Franchise Background

Nextaff was founded in 1998 as a temporary staffing firm. With time Nextaff analyzed and discovered new ways they could add more value to their clients. Today, Nextaff is a workforce strategies provider with clients and employees in multiple regions. They offer an extensive range of services that enable their clients to better manage, acquire, employ and support talent. By providing these solutions, they empower organizations to become more competitive and profitable

Nextaff offers employers a range of services and

solutions for the entire employment cycle including: Recruiting, Hiring, Compensation, Benefits Administration, Payroll and Tax, Risk Management, Human Resources, Compliance, Separation

Nextaff merged with Malone Solutions in 2016.

Today, combined companies are one of the largest staffing companies in the United States, employing over 20,000 people through over 50 offices


Management Team

Cary T. Daniel is Co-Founder and Director of Nextaff. With nearly 20 years of employment services expertise and a 17-year entrepreneurial veteran, Mr. Daniel has been involved in every aspect of running a successful organization. Mr. Daniel has been responsible for setting the company vision since the company’s start and will be responsible for the successful implementation of the growth strategy

Prior to forming Nextaff, Mr. Daniel was the CEO and co-Founder of Human Resource, LLC in 1998 which received local and national awards for growth and service. Prior to forming Human Resource, Mr. Daniel spent the previous four years working for large national staffing firms having success in both sales and management

Daniel has received the following awards: Ernst & Young, Entrepreneur of the Year, Midwest Finalist, Named the “Fastest Growing Human Resources Company” in America, by Inc. Magazine, Inc. 500 (4 times), Inc. 100, Ingram’s Fastest Growing Companies (7 times), Ingram’s 40 Under 40 Leaders

James Windmiller is Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Nextaff. A 20-year veteran in the employment services industry, Mr. Windmiller has spent the past thirteen years with NEXTAFF. He has served as the COO since the company’s founding.  While leading operations for NEXTAFF, Mr. Windmiller has been responsible for the recognition received from both Inc. 500 and Ingram’s magazines for fastest growing companies.

Message from the Founders

Franchise Staffing Industry Analysis

Nextaff franchise

Franchise Strengths 

  • Lean model where owner focuses on relationships with local businesses and hires employees to focus on recruiting and interviewing of candidates
  • Corporate takes care of everything having to do with paperwork and back office administration including but not limited to: payroll taxes, workman’s compensation, unemployment claims and payroll financing
  • Part of the Top 50 largest staffing companies in the Unites States in 2017
  • Business model is very scalable

Staffing Franchise Opportunities

  • According to report estimates, the US temporary staffing market and the overall staffing market- which includes place and search- both grew 3% in 2016. SIA predicts that both temporary staffing and overall staffing will grow 3% in 2017 as well, with variances across occupational segments, from projected double-digit growth in travel nursing and education to declines in office/clerical and legal segments-
  • Temporary staffing is also predicted to grow 3% in 2018 to $126.8 billion. However, with a stronger recovery projected for place and search, the overall staffing market is likely to achieve 4% growth to reach $146.6 billion
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts staffing will continue to be one of the top 10 job-growth industries in the U.S. through 2018.

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Franchise Weaknesses

  • Very large yet competitive industry
  • Have to deal with both finding qualified job applicants and with finding client companies
  • Can take time to breakeven due to the need to have many job candidates working in client companies


  • Business relies heavily on reputation, negative experiences that lead to bad reviews that can severely damage the reputation of the business
  • Profitability can be negatively impacted by competitors within a market
  • Competing with online job websites and independent competitors

How Much is a Nextaff Franchise?

Nextaff Franchise cost ranges from $98,800 to $148,800 according to the 2019 FDD.

Cost TypesAmount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Franchise Fee$40.000$40.000Upon signing FAFranchisor
Lease of Office & Related Deposit1.5002.500Before OpeningLandlord
Leashold Improvements/ Construction/ Remodeling1.0005.000Before OpeningLandlord
Signage1.0004.500Before OpeningVarious Vendors
Furnishing, Fixtures, and Equipment2.5005.000Before OpeningVarious Vendors
Computer System2.2603.706Before OpeningVarious Vendors
Business and Sales Coaching06.869Upon Execution of FAFranchisor and Approved Vendor
Utility Deposits and Fees0250Before OpeningUtilities
Business Licenses150400Before OpeningGovernmental Body
Insurance1.0001.500As incurredVendor
Initial Marketing, Advertising and Promotion3.5003.500As incurredFranchisor and Various Vendors
Miscellaneous Expenses : Including Traveling and living expenses during training9752.850As incurredVarious Third Parties
Additional Funds (3 Months)44.91572.725As incurredVarious Third Parties
TOTAL$98,800   $148,800

How Much does a  Nextaff Franchise make?

FDD Disclaimer:

“This financial performance representation discloses historical information regarding the average and median Gross Revenue, Gross Wages, Gross Profit and Gross Profit Percentage (all terms defined below) for 5 Offices open and operating during the entire 12-month period ending December 31, 2018 (the “Measurement Period”). These include 5 franchisee-owned Offices (“Traditional Offices”) that are substantially similar to the Nextaff Offices that you will operate under the Franchise Agreement. These results exclude Offices that either (1) did not operate for the entire Measurement Period or (2) operate a “Non-Traditional Office” which we define as an Office with (a) a part-time operator, (b) an operator with another business outside of their Nextaff Offices, (c) an operator that uses its Nextaff Office as a supplement to another business, or (d) an location located on a client premises, commonly known as an “on-site” location.

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For purposes of this Item 19, we use the following defined terms.

“Gross Revenue” is all money and other consideration paid for the Services provided to Clients of a Nextaff Office.

“Gross Wages” includes all wages paid to an Associate based upon the work hours reported.

The “Gross Profit $ (Dollar)” for a Nextaff Office equals Gross Revenue minus Direct Payroll Costs, expressed as a dollar amount.

“Gross Profit % (Percentage)” for a Nextaff Office equals Gross Profit $ divided by Gross Revenue, expressed as a percentage.”

Traditional Offices
During the Measurement period:
  1. The average Gross Revenue for the 5 Traditional Offices was $2,607,702. For those 5 offices, three (or 60%) were above the average and two (or 40%) were below the average. Median Gross Revenue for the 5 Traditional Offices was $2,927,989. The range for both average and median Gross Revenue was from $1,288,349 to $3,259,377.
  1. The average Gross Wages for those 5 offices was $1,854,180. Of those 5, three (or 60%) were above the average and two (40%) were below the average. Median Direct Payroll Costs for those 5 offices was $2,28,838. The range for both average and median Direct Payroll Costs for those 5 offices was from $889,589 to $2,128,838.
  1. The average Gross Profit $ for those 5 offices was $536,861. Of those 5, one (or 20%) were above the average and four (80%) were below the average. Median Gross Profit $ for those 5 offices was $443,514. The range for both average and median Gross Profit $ for those 5 offices was from $290,562 to 999,562.
  1. The average Gross Profit % for those 5 offices was 20.36%. Of those 5, two (or 40%) were above the average and three (60%) were below the average. Median Gross Profit % for those 5 offices was 17.77%. The range for both average and median Gross Profit Percentage for those 5 offices was from 15.15% to 29.87%.
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