Nancy’s Pizza Franchisor Under Fire (2023)

Written by: Vetted Biz Research Team
Last Updated by Brenda Bagnoli: January 23, 2023
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Nancy's Pizza

 Nancy’s Pizza franchisor, Chicago Franchise System, is under fire as several of its frustrated franchisees have started to mount complaints. They allege that the company has not been complying with the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document), and have been acting with strange and misleading strategies. Some franchisees are even beginning to collect complaints to ask for a refund of their investment.

About Nancy’s Pizza Franchisor

Nancy's Pizza

 Chicago Franchise System is a pizza franchise that has been in business for over 25 years. They offer a wide variety of pizzas, as well as pasta and sandwiches. They operate as a franchisor for Nancy’s Pizza, and Doughocracy Pizza.

What are the most common complaints Chicago Franchise System franchisees have?

 The franchisees alleged that the company has not complied with the FDD, whose data is outdated or non-existent. At the same time, they have acted with strange and misleading strategies. Some franchisees want to take matters into their own hands and ask for their investment back.

“Chicago Franchise System has convinced several of my longtime friends and relatives to invest in the Nancy’s Pizza brand. I have found that all of them who have invested in this franchise have done so with misleading information communicated through the company’s website, company officers, and an incomplete FDD. Additionally, the franchisees did not receive current and updated FDDs. Financial data is vague or missing. There is no sales data on any of the outlets that are open for at least 12 months. No average sales Volume”.

“This company needs to be investigated and stopped from selling additional franchises. Several current franchisees are going to file complaints and will be looking for full restitution off monies spent”.

Complaint Source: FTC Online (12/22/2018).


What are the consequences of the Chicago Franchise System’s actions?

 If Chicago Franchise System is not complying with the FDD, it could lead to some serious consequences. If they are not being truthful about their business practices and products, it could be a sign that they are not a reliable or trustworthy company. This could end up costing franchisees a lot of money and could ruin Chicago Franchise System’s reputation.

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