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Montessori Kids Universe Franchise Review (2024)

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Montessori Kids Universe Franchise Background 

Montessori Kids Universe is the premier Montessori childcare franchise, offering their franchisees the unique hybrid of a childcare center, coupled with the curriculum and philosophy of the Montessori approach and a proprietary Reggio inspired Art & Science program

The children have the opportunity to develop into joyful, confident learners who are prepared for success in school and life. Well-trained, certified Montessori teachers act as guides, fostering the academic, cognitive, social, and emotional development of each child

With over 30 years of experience in the private school industry and through developing many locations, they have deep industry knowledge regarding best practices and what works.


Management Team

Montessori School Franchising LLC was incorporated in the state of Florida in December of 2012. Tom & Nancy Boehm; founders of Montessori Kids Universe have worked over thirty (30) years perfecting a Montessori childcare franchise model. During that time, they founded, owned and operated eighteen (18) for-profit childcare centers. All locations were successful and profitable, most of which continue to operate today.

Through years of experience, the Boehm’s identified a significant opportunity; to establish a franchise system offering a Montessori-Reggio childcare model.


Franchise Children Program Industry Analysis 

Franchise Strengths

  • Montessori is a world-renowned name brand and proven education curriculum
  • No need for extensive educational background as management skills and leadership are more important for the success of the business
  • Management team provides strong training and support
  • Necessary in all regions of the U.S.

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Dependent on finding the right educators to learn then implement the Montessori and DaVinci Kids curriculums
  • Relatively complicated concept due to the number of employees and curriculum involved

Franchise Opportunities

  • Growing rapidly in many areas across the U.S., situating itself as the premier Montessori school
  • Large market opportunity – 24 million children under the age of 6, of which 15 million require child care. Additionally, 64% of mothers with children under the age of six are in the workforce
  • Territories available all over the U.S.

Franchise Threats

  • Operating in a large, competitive market
  • Inability to continue to adapt to the ever-changing childcare / educational new best-practices and landscape
  • Profits can be negatively impacted due to close proximity of a similar competitor

How much is a Montessori Kids Universe?

Montessori Kids Universe Franchise cost ranges from $419,911 to $948,871 $ according to the 2020 FDD.

Cost Types Amount (in USD) When Due To Whom Payment is to Be Made
Low High
Franchise Fee $37.500 $56.000 Upon signing FA Franchisor
Real Estate Location Assistance Fee $5.000 $5.000 Upon signing FA Franchisor
Optional Lease Gurantee Fee $8.000 $20.000 Upon Signing Lease Franchisor
Architectural “Test Fit” $1.200 $2.500 When Ordered Approved Vendor
Architect / Space Planner 7.000 50.000 Before Construction Vendors
Space Build Out & Leasehold Improvements 200.000 500.000 Before Beginning Operations Approved Vendor
Playground Design, Equipment, and Fencing 40.000 85.000 Before Beginning Operations Approved Vendors
Furniture, Fixtures, Décor & Montessori Materials for 3 Classrooms 40.000 54.000 Before Beginning Operations Suppliers
Signage 5.000 15.000 Before Opening Local Suppliers
Computers and Tablets 2.000 3.000 Before Beginning Operations Vendor
Internal Camera System 3.000 4.500 Before Beginning Operations Approved Vendor
Office Furniture and Equipment 2.000 3.500 Before Beginning Operations Suppliers
MKU New Owner Training, per person attending 2.000 3.000 During Training Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines
Montessori Teacher Training 3.000 8.000 Prior to Enrollment MKUTI – Montessori Kids Universe Training Institute
Staff Uniforms 250 500 Before Beginning Operations Suppliers
Rent / Security Deposit 10.000 60.000 Upon Signing Lease Landlord
Pre-Opening Marketing Campaign 2.000 3.500 Before Beginning Operations Local Vendors
Pro Care Management Software, License, and Training 3.975 4.395 Before Beginning Operations and Ongoing Approved Vendor
Childcare Aware CRM System 676 676 Before Beginning Operations and Ongoing Approved Vendor
Montessori Compass Record Keeping and Assessment Software 35 100 Monthly Approved Vendor
Utility Deposits 250 500 Before Beginning Operations Utility Providers
Insurance 350 500 Varies Insurer
Payroll Service 75 200 Monthly Payroll Service Vendor
Legal & Accounting 1.500 3.500 Before Beginning Operations Attorney, Accountant
Permits & Licenses 100 500 Before Beginning Operations Government
Additional Funds & Working Capital 45.000 65.000 As Needed Not Specified
Total $419,911 $948,871
Royalty Ad-Fund
6% 0%


How Much does a  Montessori Kids Universe Franchise make?

Annual Gross Revenue in Calendar Year 2019 % of Franchised Locations that Atained or Surpassed the Result Shown Years or Avg Years in Operation
$1.231.475,00 14,2% 2.25 Years
Lowest Gross Revenue $140.466,00 100% 1 Year
$562.514,00 28,5% Avg. 2.28 Years
Median Gross Revenue $533.070,00 57,1% 2.41 Years

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