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Lunchbox Wax Franchise Review (2021)

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Lunchbox Wax is a premier waxing salon, they are extremely selective about everything from the employees to location. They have designed a proven waxing service that is followed up by specially formulated products to make the experience flawless – both at their salon and in client’s homes.

They are a full-service, speed-waxing salon that caters to both men and women who are selective when it comes to personal care. Offering a range of services to address any hair removal need. From brows to bums, cheeks to chest, they help guests get smooth and stay that way for weeks. Because waxing is all they do, their carefully selected and expertly trained “waxologists” are masters of their craft.

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Management Team in a Waxing Salon

LunchboxWax CEO and Founder Debi Lane saw the need for a wax-only salon after owning and operating her multi-service day spa for years. In 2010, she launched LunchboxWax, and in 2013, the company started awarding franchises.

They take great pride in helping franchisees succeed at running their own waxing business, assisting with everything from site selection to ongoing mentorship and comprehensive training.

Franchise Health and Beauty Industry Analysis

LunchBox Wax: Waxing Salon Franchise Strengths

Operationally simple with all the “waxologists” already with their certifications.

Recurrent revenue streams.

Ability to have a manager run the day-to-day of the business.

Has a strong brand since they have been in the market for a few years.

Franchise Weaknesses

Reliant on skilled professionals to deliver the service that the customer expects.

Operates in a competitive environment with low barriers of entry.


Hair Removal market is expected to report a steady rise at of 9% from 2017 to 2022  (Transparency Market Research).

84% of women in the U.S. wax (JAMA Dermatology).

In 2015 the beauty industry generated $56.2 billion in the United States (Statista).



Other nearby competition and growing national chains.

Consumer preferring another type of hair removal, such as shaving or laser hair removal.

Potential for consumers to do services at their own home.


How Much is a Lunchbox Wax Franchise?

LunchBox Franchise cost ranges from $340,850 to $469,800 according to the 2019 FDD

Cost TypesAmount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Franchise Fee$45,000$45,000Upon SigningFranchisor
Food, Lodging & Travel (2 to 4 people while training)2,0004,000During trainingHotels, retaurants, and arilines
Lease Deposit & 3 Months’ Rent11,50020,000Monthly (with security deposit paid beofre opening)Landlord
Architectural Design4,0007,000Before OpeningArchitect
Project Management Fee10,00010,000At time you sign lease or purchase agreement for facilityFranchisor
Build Out & Improvements120,000185,000Before OpeningArchitects, cxontractors, suppliers
Signage8,00012,000Before OpeningSuppliers
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment60,00070,000Before OpeningSuppliers
Computer/POS System3,5005,000Before OpeningSuppliers
Technology Fee (first 2 monthly installments prior to opening)1,3001,300Before OpeningFranchisor
Office Equipment5001,000Before OpeningSuppliers
Initial Supply of Inventory3,0004,000Before OpeningSuppliers
Initial Operating Supplies15,00017,000Before OpeningSuppliers
Grand Opening Marketing Fee18,00025,00030 days before through 90 days after openingAffiliate and suppliers
Utility Deposits, Business Licenses & Other Prepaid Expenses7502,000Before OpeningUtility companies and government agencies
Professional Fees2,5005,000Before OpeningLawyers & accountants
Insurance8001,500Before OpeningInsurance companies
Additional Funds (3 Months)35,00055,000As incurredSuppliers and employees



How Much does a  Lunchbox Wax Franchise make?

After 1 year of operationTop 1/3Bottom 1/3

Disclosure from FDD: “The following financial performance representation includes financial information about certain franchised LunchboxWax Salons that had been open at least 1 full year as of December 31, 2018. Our current franchise model contemplates a facility with 5 waxing suites. However, on rare occasion we may allow for a facility with 4 waxing suites. Historically we allowed facilities with 3 waxing suites but we do not anticipate granting any more franchises for facilities with 3 waxing suites.

Therefore, the financial performance data only includes data for facilities that have 5 waxing suites. The data for facilities with 3 and 4 waxing suites was excluded. Similarly, we did not include any data for our 3 affiliate-owned LunchboxWax Salons. In terms of affiliate- owned LunchboxWax Salons, 3 were open 1 year as of 12/31/18, 2 were open 2 years as of 12/31/18, 1 was open 3 years as of 12/31/18 and 0 were open 4 years as of 12/31/18.

The following table lists the number and allocation of franchised outlets as of December 31, 2018:”

Historical Gross Sales Data for Franchised Outlets

Disclosure from FDD: “The following table presents information regarding the average, high, low and median Gross Sales for the top 1/3 and bottom 1/3 of salons for each of the subsets listed in the table above for 5 suite salons. “Gross Sales” means all gross sums that you collect from all goods and services that you sell (including coupons, gift certificates and similar items), plus all other sums that you collect from the operation of your business, including the proceeds of any business interruption insurance.

“Gross Sales” does not include sales or use taxes, tips paid to your employees or amounts received and turned over to us or another administrator for the sale of gift cards, gift certificates and the like.”

Historical Gross Sales Data for Franchised Outlets

Projected Gross Sales, Expenses and Earnings

Disclosure from FDD: “The table on the following page presents information regarding the projected Gross Sales, expenses and earnings for the top 1/3 and bottom 1/3 of salons for 5-suite salons. Since future salons will be restricted to 5 or more suites, we have excluded the sales and expense data for any current salons with fewer than 5 suites.

“Total Revenues” has the same meaning as “Gross Sales” (as defined in the financial performance representation in Part A above). The expenses and earnings have been determined based on profit and loss reports submitted by franchisees.”


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