Legends Boxing Gym Franchise (2024)

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated: January 23, 2023
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The Legends Boxing fitness and gym franchise is a specialized fitness center dedicated to serving clients who want a unique, fun, fresh, motivating, and proven workout that guarantees results. Legends Boxing coaches focus not only on losing weight and physical strength but also on technique, form, and mental health.


Legends Boxing Gym Franchise Background

The business of this gym franchise has a very interesting model, with workouts changing daily. Every day centers have a brand new, 1-hour workout created by their certified coaches. Workout incorporate total-body exercises featuring jumping ropes, push-ups, squats, working the heavy bag, and more. Costumers never get bored with versatile training routines.

Legends Boxing values family, community, confidence, mental clarity, and teaching real boxing techniques.


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Management Team

Founded in 2013, Legends Boxing is managed by a very experienced franchise team, with over 100 years of franchise experience.

Scott Hatter, president and COO,  is an accomplished franchise industry veteran as both a franchisor and franchisee. He has worked with important brands such as Burger King, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, LunchboxWax, and Deka Lash.

Andrew Scott, Legends Boxing co-founder and National Head Coach, is also a two-time Golden Gloves State champion. Scott decided to open a boxing facility, together with his brother Rob, that features revolutionary workout from his own years of boxing experience.

Both Hatter and Scott are fully involved in the day-to-day operations of the business and constantly works to bring the best support to Legends Boxing franchisees and the best workout experience to its members.

As a franchisee, you will receive strong support from the franchisan or: easy business model, ongoing training, membership marketing plan, a full-service real estate team, and a turn-key construction process.




Fitness Industry

Gym Franchise Strengths

  • Well defined and proven concept with brand expanding within the boutique fitness space
  • Legends Boxing centers teach the correct way to fight but without getting hurt; concept focused on both fitness/losing weight and boxing
  • Unique brand that focus not only on physical strength but also mental health
  • Franchisee has support as franchisor closely monitor and help with hiring, training, and real estate
  • Does not need to rely on well qualified trainers as basically anyone can run the workout routines

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Boutique gym that does not offer all of the resources and amenities of a full-service gym
  • With the emphasis on getting members in and out, the concept can seem quite “commercialized”
  • In an industry that has been substantially negatively impacted by current COVID-19 pandemic

Franchise Opportunities

  • As a boutique concept, able to charge higher pricing than traditional fitness concepts
  • Health Clubs attracted a total of 71.5 million consumers in 2018(1)
  • Very large and growing market – $34bn industry with continued growth, supporting over 800,000 jobs
  • Strong market demand explained by a continued interest in fitness and physical health
  • Brand awareness will continue to grow as the concept expands

Franchise Threats

  • Operating in a very large, competitive market that is rapidly changing
  • Profits can be negatively impacted due to close proximity of a similar competitor
  • Potential for change in consumers’ preferred fitness regimen
  • The fitness market is very competitive with low barriers to entry

How Much is a Legends Boxing Franchise?

Legends Boxing Franchise cost ranges from $285,065 to $563,939 according to the 2020 FDD.

ItemEstimated Amount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$51,900$51,900Upon entering into franchise agreementFranchisor
Location Assistance Fee4,9504,950Upon entering into franchise agreementFranchisor
Non-Refundable, Coaches Training Tuition Deposit3,0003,000Upon entering into franchise agreementFranchisor
Opening Period Training & Assistance2,8003,400Upon entering into franchise agreementFranchisor
Coaches Initial Training6,91915,984Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Franchisee Initial Training1,3504,050Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Design/Architectural Plans99914,499Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Leasehold Improvements21,200148,795Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Lighting & Flooring18,53224,158Before Beginning OperationsThird-party vendors
Signage5,00017,500Before Beginning OperationsThird-party vendors
Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment86,822123,133Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Computers and Software3,4406,810Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Start-up Supplies/Inventory5,0009,500Before opening, as incurredFranchisor, Affiliate & Third-party vendors
Pre-Opening & Grand Opening Marketing13,30018,700Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Post-Opening Marketing9,00012,900Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Insurance & Permits2,4004,750Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Professional Fees1,2505,000Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Security Deposits5,20013,000Before opening, as incurredThird-party vendors
Rent18,00036,000MonthyLandlord & Third-party suppliers
Utilities1,0805,385MonthyThird-party utilities
Payroll18,52132,123Bi-Weekly or Bi-MonthlyEmployees
Additional Funds – 3 months4,4028,402As IncurredFranchisor & Third-party vendors
Monthly Fees
RoyaltyMarketing Fee




How Much does a Legends Boxing Franchise make?

Gross Revenue Table – All Locations open at least 12 months as of Dec 31, 2019 For the Period Jan 1, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019

LocationGross Revenue
Lehi, UT$499.697
Riverton, UT$414.020
Sandy, UT$228.584


franchise specialist

All Locations open as of December 31, 2019 which were built out in compliance with our latest design

LocationDate OpenedOpen Months as of 12/31/20Size (SF)Rent (per SF)NNN Charges (per SF)Monthy Rent + NNN
Sandy, UT4/12/2018203,000$23.50$7.48$7,745
Bountiful, UT4/3/201983,100$27.09$4.30$8,109
South Austin, UT12/28/201903,450$24.50$12.33$10,589





LocationTenant Improvement AllowanceGC Construction Cost (minus Installation)Net GC Construction CostWadsworth ExpenseInstallation CostsDelivery Condition
Trolley Square, UT$135,600$200,000$64,400$100,231$12,500Cold Dark Shell
 $186,000$215,000$29,000$100,231$13,366Cold Dark Shell
Memorial, UT$40,000$112,500$72,500$95,000$7,500As-is

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