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Kidcreate Education Franchise Review (2024)

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Kidcreate Studio is an art studio education franchise, just for kids. They specialize in children’s art classes, camps, and art-themed birthday parties, for kids aged 18 months to 12 years. The idea is to provide frustrated parents with a solution at a time when access to art education in schools is rapidly declining.

Art teaches math, science, history, and creativity and best of all, art makes learning fun. According to studies, children participating in the arts are more likely to excel at school and in life. Children benefit from creating art as it helps build confidence, problem solving skills, and social skills. But, art can also help a child become a better student.

Studies also show that art education has a measurable positive impact on academics.

Kidcreate Education Franchise

Kidcreate’s curriculum, designed by art education professionals, is tailored to match the developmental needs of children at different ages. They offer fast moving, energized classes for high energy toddlers, preschool classes that encourage their growing independence, and school-aged classes that encourage self-confidence and creativity.

Kidcreate has a unique offering in the market, franchisees have a studio location and also mobile units in which they go to the school, preschool, community center, etc.

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Management Team

Founder, Lara Olson, started Kidcreate Studio after being discouraged by the limited art exposure her son was receiving at school. In art class, he found tremendous joy in the creative process and none of the frustrations he was experiencing in some of his other classes.

Lara understood this, she too gravitated toward art as a child. Lara believed in the power of art to teach, inspire and build self-esteem. She also understood that art makes learning fun and a fun learning environment was exactly what her son needed. So in 2007 she decided to leave her job and create Kidcreate. By 2013 she had 2 corporate studios open and in 2016 they started franchising.

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Childhood Education Franchise Industry Analysis 

Education franchise Strengths

  • Flexible business model that allows franchisee to set own schedule and scale as they see fit
  • Relatively low investment level
  • Operationally simple, easy to learn
  • Creates all proprietary curriculum and lessons
  • Franchisees have a studio location and mobile unit


Franchise Weaknesses

  • Location, site selection and capability to enter vendor locations are quite important in dictating the success of the business
  • Need to find art teachers


Franchise Opportunities

  • Ability to adapt and grow with an emerging franchisor in an under-penetrated market
  • Territories available all over the U.S.
  • Chance to fulfill a market niche not currently being adequately addressed
  • Research has shown that arts integration engages students in learning, reduces misbehavior, strengthens community, and can improve test scores, particularly among at-risk youth (Edutopia)


Franchise Threats

  • Inability to continue to adapt to the ever-changing educational new best-practices and landscape
  • Other “outside of the classroom” educational programs entering your school
  • Possibility to compete directly with school & local government sponsored programs

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How Much is a Kidcreate Franchise?

Kidcreate Franchise cost ranges from $110,705 to $266,270 according to the 2020 FDD.

Cost TypesAmount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Franchise Fee$45,000$45,000Upon signing FAFranchisor
Launch Fee13,50013,500Upon signing FAFranchisor
Rent, Security Deposit, Utility Deposit3,00015,000As agreedLandlord, Utility Companies
Leasehold Improvements5,00075,000As agreedLandlord, Contractors, Other Suppliers
Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment7,50017,000As agreedApproved Suppliers
Architect1,00012,000As agreedApproved Suppliers
Initial Inventory and Supplies5,5009,500Upon DeliveryFranchisor and Approved Suppliers
Shipping for Unit Boxes60100As agreedFranchisor
Insurance1,0002,500As agreedInsurance Providers
Business Licenses and Permits200500As agreedThird Parties
Professional Fees1,0004,000As agreedAttorney, Accountant
Signage4,00012,000As agreedApproved Suppliers
Computer & POS7,0008,000As agreedApproved Suppliers
DB Software Implementation Fee1,5001,500Upon DeliveryFranchisor
CR Software Implementation Fee500500Upon DeliveryFranchisor
Grand Opening Promotion5,00010,000As agreedApproved Suppliers
Uniforms100250As agreedApproved Suppliers
Tecnology Fees1,8454,920Monthly, upon signing FAFranchisor
Initial Training Expenses3,0005,000As agreedAirline, Hotel, Restaurants, Etc.
Additional Funds – 3 Months5,00030,000As agreedThird Parties

How Much does a Kidcreate Franchise make?

YearGross Sales Eden PrairieGross Sales Woodbury

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LocationDate OpenedStudio SalesStudio Sales as a % of GrossOn-the-Go-SalesOn-the-Go Sales as a % of GrossTotal Gross Sales
Fayetteville, NCDec. 2017$59.13290%$6.64510%$65.777
Greenville, SCOct. 2018$38.47491%$3.6209%$42.093
Mansfield, TXFeb. 2018$56.57388%$7.81512%$64.388
Rock Hill, SCNov. 2018$53.5902%$11.39218%$64.982
Savage, MNjun-18$44.40170%$19.35030%$63.751

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LocationStudio SalesStudio Sales as a % of GrossOn-the-Go-SalesOn-the-Go Sales as a % of GrossTotal Gross Sales
Eden Praire, MN$61.73751%$58.21649%$119.953
Woodburry, MN$41.73743%$54.38057%$96.117
Fayetteville, NC$16.53295%$8265%$17.358
Greenville, SC$13.77182%$3.00718%$16.778
Mansfield, TX$19.89791%$1.9729%$21.869
Rock Hill, SC$13.76788%$1.87012%$15.637
Savage, MN$17.87662%$10.75238%$28.627

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