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Jon Ric International Franchise Review

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Jon Ric International is a premiere medical and wellness spa. They offer nail and hair services as a salon. They also have hybrid spas where they have a combination of luxury day spa and medical services such as massage, laser, Botox, fillers and facials. Jon Ric also sells products in their locations from brands such as Bumble & Bumble, Bare Minerals, Morroconoil, and many more.

Jon Ric International Wellness Spa Franchise

Their mission is to create a pleasant and enjoyable atmosphere for each and every staff member as well as their clients.

They commit to providing customers with the best extends to the environment they are served in. Salons are always sparkling clean, soothing and calming, with relaxing and appropriate music, aromas and attitudes.

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Management Team

Jon Ric International wellness spa was founded by CEO Jon Ric Rando, Ph.D. in 1983 in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Since then, Dr. Rando has opened many additional locations under the Jon Ric name, as corporate-owned salons and spas as well as many for independent owners. Multiple business models and hybrids of Jon Ric International offers many unique advantages and benefits that are rarely found in the industry, and franchisees can customize or combine in their stores to offer customers the most services at one place. This makes each and every Jon Ric location a more viable and competitive business than other salons and spas, and this unique business model attracts customers and franchise partners alike.


Franchise Health and Beauty Industry Analysis

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Franchise Strengths

Established franchisor with extensive experience

Ability for the franchisee to tailor their salon to the specific needs of the market they are in

Occupies an ideal market niche by offering luxury beauty services

Membership program available to clients

Franchise Weaknesses

The services are not for everyone as some individuals will not do well with their treatment due to the color of their hair and/or skin tone

Priced significantly higher than other similar services

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Franchise Opportunities

Can grow with a very well-experienced franchisor

The consumer market is becoming more educated on the benefits of permanent hair removal and beauty non-invasive procedures

According to the American Med Spa Association(AmSpa), the med spa industry is set to grow an additional 8 percent by 2020 as more millennial clients seek non-invasive treatments

Franchise Threats

Profitability can be negatively impacted by close location of like competitors

Potential for change in consumer taste

Potential for innovative new product or technique to enter the market

Potential for increased government regulations

How much is a Jon Ric International Wellness Spa?


Jon Ric International Franchise cost ranges from $162,370 to $738,500 according to the 2020 FDD.

Cost Types Amount (in USD) When Due To Whom Payment is to Be Made
Low High
Franchise Fee $39,500 $52,500 Upon Signing Franchisor
Cost of Travel and Living Expenses for Training 250 2,500 As required by vendors Vendors
Initial Training, no cost for 2 people 0 1,000 When training begins Franchisor
Optional Additional Training for Software, Processes, Procedures, etc. 0 500 When training begins Vendors
Optional Premium Software Support 0 150 per hour When training begins Vendors
Architecture Fee 25,000 35,000 When training begins Vendors
Optional Development Fee 0 48,000 + 50% of the franchisee fee When training begins Vendors
Construction Management 14,000 14,000 When training begins Vendors
Leasehold Improvements for unimproved Location 40,000 270,000 By agreement with contractor General contractor
Rent, Payment on building, $2,000 to $10,000 per month, for the first 3 months 6,000 30,000 Monthly, first 3 Months To bank or lender
Salon Furnishings and Fixtures 35,000 60,000 As required by vendors Vendors
Medical Equipment 0 190,000 As required by vendors Vendors
Initial invetory and operating supplies 5,000 25,000 Prior to opening Vendors
Computer Setup and Annual Database Access 800 4,000 As required by vendors Vendors
Spa/Salon Equipment 0 – 7,300 0 – 5,000 Before Issuing Order for the Equipment Vendors
CC Processing, Marketing Equipment/Software 70,000 – 90,500 110,000 – 160,000 As required by vendors Vendors
Internet, first 3 months 120 300 As required by vendors Vendors
Complete Signage (interior/exterior) 3,000 12,000 As required by vendors Sign Vendors
Network Equipment 5,000 10,000 Before Issuing Order for the Equipment Vendors
Advertising and Marketing 3,000 5,000 As required by vendors Vendors
Security Deposits (inlcuding lease deposit, utilities, licenses, etc.) 3,000 5,000 As required by landlord, utilities Landlord
Insurance for 3 months 1,500 3,000 Monthly, first 3 Months Insurance Agent
Additional funds necessary to open – first 3 months 24,000 90,000 As necessary, first 3 months Employees, misc. suppliers, etc.
Total $162,370 $738,500
Royalty Ad-Fund
4,5% 2%

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