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INS Market Retail Franchise (2024)

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Retail Industry: INS Market Franchise Background 

INS Market is a high profile retailer of modern convenience that offers a wide array of food and beverage options in demand on a daily basis in retail industry.

And their products offered make healthier and tastier options available to a clientele. That is often under time constraints and looking for grab-n-go markets

retail industryINS Market is committed to providing its customers with the value they deserve, through fast, friendly, courteous service. Also, they offer quality products in clean, well-merchandised stores, serviced by trained, well-groomed uniformed sales associates

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Retail Industry Trends

Established in 1994, INS Market has evolved with the demands of today’s consumers and today’s increasingly rapid daily pace. They are the most modern instant gratification store on the market in retail industry.

In addition, the brand is run by CEO Samuel Davis, who has received extensive media attention for the company’s continuous growth in the US and Canada. His commitment to its success over the past 25 years is reflective on the continuous increase in INS Market locations

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Today they have in operation more than 200 internationally, located in a variety of fast-paced locations with high foot traffic such as malls, office complexes, colleges, hotels and hospitals.

Franchise Retail Services Industry Analysis 

INS market retail industry

Franchise Strengths

  • Offers high quality, in-demand products
  • Operationally simple
  • Heavy foot traffic increases revenue streams
  • Business model allows for variation of products which caters to widespread client market

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Location and site selection are quite important in dictating the success of the business
  • Margins have the potential to be eroded due to changes in price of product and / or increase in labor costs
  • Establishing its brand in the U.S. as it adjusts to the American market from Canada

Franchise Opportunities

  • Brand awareness still has room to grow as additional units open across the US
  • Huge, growing market – by 2022 global convenience stores sales are expected to reach US$4,902 billion
  • Convenience retail stores in the US alone have in-store sales average at US$ 1.47 million

Franchise Threats

  • Operating in a large, competitive market
  • Profits can be negatively impacted due to close proximity of a similar competitor
  • Potential for consumers to bring snacks and beverages from home

How Much is a INS Market Franchise?

INS Market Franchise cost ranges from $228,500 to $306,500 according to the 2019 FDD.

ItemEstimated Amount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$30.000$30.000Upon signing the Franchise AgreementFranchisor
Leases and Security Deposits20.00030.000As ArrangedFranchisor or Affiliate
Turnkey Package Fee100.000125.000As ArrangedFranchisor or Affiliate
Legal and Other Professional Fees15.00015.000As IncurredThird Party Vendors
Initial Inventory 20.00045.000As ArrangedFranchisor or Affiliate
Insurance 1.0001.500As IncurredInsurance Company or Broker
Training Expenses3.5005.000As IncurredThird Party Vendors
Grand Opening Advertisings3.0003.000Upon signing the Franchise AgreementFran
Business Licenses 1.0002.000As IncurredGovernmental & Professional Entities
Additional Funds – 3 Months 35.00050.000As IncurredVaries

How Much does a INS Market Franchise make?

 # of StoresSales RangeMedianAverage# and % of Stores Above Average
Full-Size Stores (Predominantly in Malls)44$53,918-$937,704$448.540$439.93722 or 50%
Kiosks in Malls4$107,673-$564,236$533.194$400.0253 or 50%
Non-Traditional Locations7$197,918-$669,065$295.597$387.6643 or 43%

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