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Got Produce Greenhouse Franchise Review (2024) 

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Got Produce is a farming franchise company offering technology-controlled greenhouse, with smart hydroponics and patented growing recipes to the commercial grower and food service industries. 


Got Produce Background

Their greenhouses reduce the amount of water, land, and energy required to grow fresh fruits and vegetables by using hydroponic methods in a distributed production model.

Use less water: A head of lettuce takes 40 gallons of water when grow in soil, but only one gallon when grown hydroponically.

Grow better produce, faster: greenhouses with advanced fertigation systems to grow with a higher yield, all year round. 

Grow local & eliminate transport costs: transporting food can be costly while increasing the carbon footprint of our food.

They use only non-GMO varieties and encourages use of local seeds in many regions around the world. Seeds are selected by Got Produce experts specifically suited to a client’s water source nutritional analysis, local market demands, climate temperatures and day length at the location of the greenhouse

They can grow from anywhere from 5 to 100 crop varieties at the same time.

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Management Team

The founder, Deborah Walliser, is an internationally known and respected agronomist who has a background anchored in greenhouse production and space biology. She has successfully grown over 100 different edible crops in controlled environment facilities across the globe, and has been at the forefront of creating new hydroponic systems for many other crops including 6 different varieties of wine grapes, edible flowers, and extracts

As an early pioneer and visionary, Deborah designed, built, and operated commercial floating lettuce systems to withstand extreme temperature ranges and pioneered change in water policy and helped found the local food production/distribution movement

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Franchise Healthy Food Analysis

Franchise Strengths

  • Technology speeds the production process many times more than traditional farming.
  • All products are organic, non-GMO and LCF certified.
  • Offers a strong, proven product that an increasing amount of consumers is interested in.
  • Operationally simple. 

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Margins have the potential to be eroded due to changes in price of ingredients and / or increase in labor costs.
  • Though proven internationally, still pending more than 1 success case in the U.S. market.

Agriculture Franchise Opportunities 

  • 88% of people are willing to pay more for healthier food (Nielsen).
  • In 2015, global sales for organic food was about 81.6 billion dollars (Statista).
  • 99.7% of household purchase produce, of these 82% buy organic products (OTA).
  • Huge produce market in the U.S. that is only continuing to grow.

Threats in the Agriculture Franchise Market

  • Operating in a large, competitive market. 
  • Potential for more consumers to buy from other brands.
  • Profits can be negatively impacted due to competition.
  • Potential for superior technology to enter the market.

How Much is a Got Produce Franchise?

Item Estimated Amount (in USD) When Due To Whom Payment is to Be Made
Low High
Initial Single Unit Fee $45.000 $45.000 7 days within completing pre-opening obligations Franchisor
Real Estate/ Land Purchase 0 250.000 As Arranged Landlord or Mortgage Lender
Infrastruscture Improvements 500 150.000 As Arranged Contractors
Structure 200.000 950.000 As Arranged Contractors or Franchisor
Irrigation equipment, plumbing, Controls, Supplemental Heating and cooling MISC 52.000 500.000 As Arranged Franchisor
Construction Expenses 70.200 275.000 As Arranged Contractor
Furniture Office Equipment 500 10.000 As Arranged Vendors, Leasing Companies
Utilities and Deposits (3 months) 500 35.000 As Arranged Utility companies, contractors
Licenses and Permits 500 5.000 As Arranged City, County, State
Opening and Advertising and Marketing 1.500 7.500 As Incurred Franchisor and Vendors
Insurance (3 months) 900 1.200 As Arranged Insurance companies
Professional Fees 500 25.000 As Incurred Attorneys, accountants
Additional Operating Funds (3 months) 18.000 100.000 As Arranged Vendors, Etc.
Total $187,000 $368,500
Royalty Ad-Fund
5% 2%
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How Much does a  Got Produce Franchise make?

Affiliate Owned and Operated Unit 2010
Revenue/Expense % of Revenue
Fertilizers        5.651 1,5%
Gas/Fuel/Oil        5.225 1,4%
Labor        65.696 17,6%
Repairs and Maintenance        1.457 0,4%
Seeds and Plants          8.182 2,2%
Supplies           32.693 8,7%
Utilities           18.810 5,0%
Insurance           1.347 0,4%
Royalty                – 0,0%
Other Misc. Expenses             6.561 1,8%
Total Gross Profit $228,175 61%

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