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Frenchies Modern Nail Care Franchise Review (2024)

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Frenchies Modern Nail Care Franchise Background 

frenchies modern nail careFounded by experienced franchise professionals in 2015, Frenchies Modern Nail Care is the first nationally reputable nail brand. Frenchies offers premium hand and foot care services for women and men in a clean and high-quality service environment

Frenchies modern nail care provides a distinct experience to the usual nail salon. Frenchies Modern Nail Care studios are light, open and airy. They have opted from using acrylic nails due to the damaging chemicals they contain. Cleanliness is their priority, sterilizing all tools and air-sealing them in an individualized pouch before using them on a new client. Their team members are all friendly and very knowledgeable in their field

Nail maintenance is part of a nearly $10 billion industry. Nails are seen as a “pretty perseverance” not an infrequent beauty indulgence. Nails need maintenance every 2-3 weeks, representing a recurring revenue for the franchisee. Frenchies offers an opportunity to the franchisee to become part of a revolutionary, reputable brand set to become a national leader in the nail industry.

Their affordable and consistent service model helps clients prioritize a service that they already value, so that self-care stays top of mind.

Management Team

Frenchies modern nail care was founded by Guy Coffey and Stepahanie Coffey. Both owned and managed multi-unit Anytime Fitness franchises for over 10 years. Their initial idea was to open the first Frenchies in Littleton, Colorado to prove out the concept and now Frenchies is proven and expanding nationwide


Frenchies’ development is being led by Franchise Fast Lane. Franchise Fast Lane is an accelerated turn-key franchise sales organization. Their founders Ryan Zink and Carey Gille both boast extensive experience in the franchising industry. Zink built Complete Nutrition into the 2nd fastest new growing franchise ever and Gille co-founded four start-ups and awarded over 240 locations in 18 months for her last franchisor

Frenchies Modern Nail Care – Health & Beauty Industry Analysis 


Franchise Strengths

  • Operationally simple, easy to learn
  • Offers a superior experience and overall atmosphere than the vast majority of other nail salons
  • Recurrent revenue stream as nails require service every 2-3 weeks
  • Strong franchise brand that is growing
  • Can be managed semi-absentee

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Targets narrow demographic depending on the area where studio operates
  • Operates in a competitive environment where customer satisfaction is key

 Franchise Opportunities

  • Depending on the area, brand still has room to grow as more studios open
  • Competitors are not sophisticated – 99% of nail salon owners only have 1 location
  • Nail maintenance industry is worth nearly $10bn and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years
  • More individuals are looking to take more care for themselves

 Franchise Threats

  • Many consumers see as “non-vital” good, and is thus is more prone to economic recessions
  • Other local nail salons in the area that, though not as clean, can undercut on price
  • Potential for changes in consumer tastes and styles

How much is a Frenchies Franchise?

Frenchies Franchise cost ranges from $243,524 to $418,310 according to the 2020FDD.
ItemEstimated Amount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$44.500$49.500When you sign the Franchise AgreementFranchisor
Travel and Living Expenses While Training3.3003.800As incurredAirlines, hotels, and restaurants
Rent and Security Deposit8.00022.500Signing Lease and thereafterLandlord
Leasehold Improvements100.500144.000Varied timesBuilding contractor
Architect/Design Fees9.00010.000As specified in contractArchitect
Furniture and Fixtures2.85068.000Varied timesVendors
Equipment4.8006.000Varied timesVendors
Office Supplies1.5003.000Varied timesVendors
Techonology Fees1.6972.096As incurredFranchisor
Initial Technology Expenses1.5775.814Before openingVendors
Signage (exterior + interior)10.00014.000As agreedVendors
Initial Inventory9.00010.000At deliveryVendors
Grand Opening Advertising15.00020.000Varied timesThird Parties
Insurance8001.100Before openingThird Parties
Miscellaneous Expenses2.5003.000As incurredVendors
Additional Funds- 3 months28.50055.000As incurredVendors or Third Parties
Extension Fee0500Only due if rquestin an extension to your required opening dateFranchisor


How much does a Frenchies Franchise make?

 Average Total AppointmentsMedian Total AppoitmentsAverage $ Per Appt.Median $ Per Appt.Average Gross RevenuesMedian Gross Revenues
Year 17.4337.648$39,26$37,80$291.509$320.491
Year 28.0878.661$38,87$37,67$316.308$315.695
Year 310.963N/A$49,10N/A$538.266N/A
Year 411.013N/A$49,78N/A$548.288N/A
 2018 ActualsPercent of Gross Revenue
Gross Revenue from Retail Sales$41.4778%
Gross Revenue from Services$506.81192%
Gross Revenue$548,288100%

frenchies modern nail care

Non-Discretionary Expenses

Salon Supplies$35.4517,0%
Rent and Utilities$33.0726,0%
Marketing Fee$10.9662,0%
Local Advertising$25.2384,6%
Credit Card Fees and Bank Charges$13.7072,5%
Technology Fee$4.2001%
Miscellaneous Expenses$5.000>1%
Net Profit

Time Period (12/1/17 – 12/31/18)
Membership Gross Revenue Collected$104.762 
Total # of Memberships Sold256 
# of Premiere Memberships Sold122 
# of Select Memberships Sold134 
FDD Disclosure: “We provide prospective franchisees with certain information regarding actual historical annual averages related to total appointments, dollar amount per appointment, and gross revenues based on the length of time the Nail Studio has operated. These financial performance representations are based on our affiliate-owned Nail Studio, and the two (2) franchised studios which were open and operating for at least (12) full months of operation as of the end of our fiscal year. The disclosures present the actual performance of each of these studios in their first and second first full calendar year of operation, as well as the actual performance of our affiliate-owned Nail Studio in its third and fourth full calendar year of operation. We also provide actual information regarding the performance of our affiliate-owned Nail Studio in 2018, including its expenses. We have relied on the expenses for this Nail Studio in providing this information, as we do not have reliable expense data from our franchised studios. To the extent that information regarding franchised outlets and company-owned outlets is merged below, there are no material differences in the gross sales of franchise and company-owned outlets. The information is based on revenue reports we received from our franchisees, which were not audited, and the revenue and expense reports of our affiliate-owned location, which were also not audited. The Frenchies Nail Studios reported, including the company-owned outlet, offer substantially the same products and services as you will as a franchisee operating a franchised unit. Written substantiation for the financial performance representation will be made available to the prospective franchisee upon reasonable request.”

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