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You can also obtain an SBA loan for a franchise and invest as little as 30% of the total investment amount.

This article is for those that are looking to invest in a franchise under $10,000. I’m going to go through some of the key industries, and some real examples, including some of the largest franchise names available.

In many franchises, the start-up cost can be quite substantial. This article will guide you through franchises that have a relatively low startup cost. Franchisors may require an initial fee to join their franchise program, which could range up to $10,000. Other costs such as royalty fees and advertising funds are typically included in the overall investment cost.

What Industries Are Available under $10,000?

Generally, these are going to be service-based businesses where it doesn’t cost much money to open up the location. Keep in mind under $10,000 means the franchise fee is zero all the way up to about $10,000 because you usually need expenses for other items and working capital to get the business off the ground.

If you’re looking to invest in a franchise but don’t want to break the bank doing so there are plenty of options available for under $10,000. With franchises in various industries and from some of the largest franchise names available, you’ll be able to find a business that fits your budget.

Keep reading and find out!

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  • Exceptions to Non-Service-Based Franchises under 10k


    Some exceptions to non-service-based businesses include Chick-fil-A, which is a quick-service restaurant specializing in a boneless breast of chicken sandwich. Right now you can invest $10,000 and own and operate a Chick-fil-A franchise. Yes, the corporate office is going to keep most of the profits. However, they’re investing generally way over $2 million. So if you’re looking to have an ownership stake in a small business with the potential to earn $150,000 to $250,000 plus, then a Chick-fil-A franchise might be something to consider. Keep in mind it’s very exclusive and very difficult to be awarded a Chick-fil-A license or franchise. So, if you’re looking to apply, you probably already need to have years of U.S. restaurant experience, and maybe you have already worked at a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

    Steak’n Shake

    Another option is Steak ‘n Shake, a chain of fast-casual restaurants that specializes in steak burgers and milkshakes. For Steak ‘n Shake, you actually have a larger equity percentage in the business. 

    A Steak ‘n Shake franchise costs $25,000, but there is a way to own a part of a Steak ‘n Shake for less. For a total investment of $10,000, you have 50% ownership, and you can get into a current Steak ‘n Shake that was previously owned by the corporate office, and they’re looking to have qualified franchisees own a percentage of one of these existing locations. What I like about the existing locations, you can see the profit and loss. And there’s not that ramp-up period where you’re waiting six months, 12 months, 18 months to start collecting a paycheck.

    Generally, in the first month or second month, you’re already getting some money back from your initial investment, which in this case for a Steak ‘n Shake was just $10,000.

    Becoming a franchise partner with a $10,000 investment gives you the opportunity of earning 50% of restaurant profits and unlimited earning potential.

    Examples of Franchises under 10k

    Are you looking to invest in franchises that demand a small capital outlay? Vetted Biz has several franchises under 10k listed on its website. Here are some examples that may be of your interest.

    360 Clean:

    360 Clean is an environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning service. With franchises all over the United States, they offer a range of services to businesses, including office cleaning, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and pressure washing. Their experienced and professional team of cleaners are committed to providing quality service and customer satisfaction with each job they take on.

    Baby Boot Camp

    Baby Boot Camp is a health and fitness program that provides prenatal and postpartum moms with the tools they need to live a healthy life. With franchises available for under $10,000, Baby Boot Camp offers nationwide locations where mothers can attend workout classes designed by experts and based on current research. Classes include boot camp, cardio, strength training, Pilates, yoga and more. The company also provides nutrition counseling and educational opportunities so clients have the information they need to make informed decisions about their health.


    Belocal is a social enterprise that connects people with local businesses and is committed to creating a more sustainable, equitable economy. Their platform makes it easy for local businesses to find customers, sell products and services, build relationships in their communities and gain access to valuable resources.

    N2 Publishing

    Founded in 2013 by two friends, N2 PUBLISHING® is a business dedicated to exploring different areas and neighborhoods through articles, interviews and practical information. Their mission is to give their readers the best insights about what cities have to offer. As franchises under 10k, N2 PUBLISHING® offers digital and print advertising for magazines, newsletters, directories and residential communities across towns, villages and cities. The team proudly consists of passionate writers, photographers and travelers who share knowledge on the best places to eat, drink shop and explore.

    Real Producers

    Real Producers is a national magazine dedicated to helping real estate professionals succeed in their business. Every issue contains advice and guidance from successful industry veterans as well as spotlights on the latest technology advancements. The company also publishes an annual list honoring the most productive agents and teams across the country.

    360 Tour Designs

    360 Tour Designs is an immersive virtual reality experience for potential home buyers, renters, and real estate agents. Their systems allow users to explore properties from every angle, offering a realistic experience that makes it feel as if they are at the location.

    3 Tomatoes & a Mozzarella

    The 3 Tomatoes & a Mozzarella franchise concept provides efficiency and creates a memorable dining experience for its patrons. The fast-casual industry is booming, and customers look to this type of restaurant for tasty meals quickly. This franchises strives to bring sophistication to the fast-casual sector without compromising on price.

    A All Animal Control

    A All Animal Control is a wildlife franchise in Northglenn, Colorado that specializes in removal and exclusion services for residential and commercial properties. With over 33 franchises operating across 22 states since 1995, A All Animal Control falls under the Other Businesses industry and Pest Control category.

    A Place to Grow

    A Place to Grow is a pioneering franchise in the education programs industry, focused on community and sustainability for children aged six weeks through six years. Founded in 2005 by Jennifer Briggs, the business has since expanded to over 100 locations across the United States. With an emphasis on holistic care, A Place to Grow franchises offer specialized education and care within the Preschool category of franchises.


    Those are two big franchise brands. Again, Chick-fil-A and Steak ‘n Shake where for a $10,000 investment, you can have a partial ownership in one of these franchises, and partner directly with the franchisor. Regarding other franchises under $10,000, there are not many great ones. However, there are some diamonds in the rough in the service industry, and I do encourage you to look at all the listings on to see what franchises under $10,000 might be available for you.

    There’s no doubt franchises under $10,000 are a great way to enter the world of business ownership without having to invest too much money. Just make sure you select the right one that fits your skill set and interests so that you can be successful long-term. With franchises in various industries and from some of the largest franchise names available on, you’ll be able to find a business that fits your budget. Start exploring franchises under 10k today and make an informed decision!

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