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Franchises Under 100K – Vetted Biz

franchises under 100k

Embarking on entrepreneurship is an exciting journey, and franchises under 100K present a golden opportunity for aspiring business owners to dive in without the hefty financial burden. This article explores the realm of affordable franchising, spotlighting those with impressive unit count growth over the last three years—a testament to their success and market demand. From niche services to innovative business models, we’ll guide you through top franchises that offer not just a lower entry point but also solid growth potential and a proven track record. Whether you’re drawn to the environmental sector, financial services, or youth sports, this curated list aims to match your entrepreneurial ambition with the right opportunity, setting you on a path to business ownership with confidence.

The Patch Boys Franchise: Niche Market Mastery

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The Patch Boys emerges as a standout of the franchises under 100k category, carving out a niche in the home repair industry with a focus on drywall repair. Launched in 2018, it has rapidly expanded to 298 units nationwide, fueled by a net unit growth of 200. This growth reflects the brand’s unique positioning and high demand for its services in both residential and commercial markets.


Investment and Financials

With a total investment range of $59K to $90K, including a franchise fee of $29.5K, The Patch Boys presents an accessible entry point for entrepreneurs. The franchise is not only affordable but also promises a solid return, with average gross sales of $105K and a franchise payback period of 4.5 to 6.5 years.

Distinctive Advantage

The Patch Boys distinguishes itself by servicing a high-demand, low-competition niche. This specialization, coupled with comprehensive franchisee support and a robust business model, positions it as a lucrative opportunity for those looking to enter the home repair market with a proven, scalable venture.

Schooley Mitchell: Expertise in Cost Reduction

Schooley Mitchell stands as a testament to the power of specialized consulting in the franchising world. Founded in 1994, it has carved a niche in cost reduction consulting, helping businesses optimize their expenses without compromising quality or service. Its unique value proposition has driven its expansion to 201 units, with a significant net unit growth of 79 units, underscoring its appeal and effectiveness in the market.

Investment Insights

The franchise requires an investment of $71K to $81K, including a substantial franchise fee of $68K. This investment opens doors to the lucrative world of business consulting, with Schooley Mitchell franchisees reporting average gross sales of $123.5K. The franchise also boasts an attractive payback period of 2.3 to 4.3 years, reflecting its potential for high returns on investment.

Competitive Edge

What sets Schooley Mitchell apart is its focus on a service that every business needs: cost savings. The franchise’s expertise in reducing overhead costs for its clients has positioned it as a leader in its domain. This specialization, combined with comprehensive training and support for franchisees, ensures that entrepreneurs are well-equipped to thrive in the competitive consulting industry.

Schooley Mitchell represents a prime opportunity for those with a passion for business and finance, offering a proven path to success in the consulting sector with a focus on tangible results for clients.

Motto Mortgage Franchise: Innovation in Mortgage Brokerage


Motto Mortgage is one of many franchises under 100k, it introduces an innovative approach to the mortgage brokerage industry, offering transparent and efficient mortgage solutions. Since its establishment in 2016, it has witnessed remarkable growth, with a net unit growth of 79 units. This expansion underscores the franchise’s appeal and the growing demand for its services in the finance sector.


Investment Details

Entrepreneurs can join Motto Mortgage with an investment ranging from $61K to $90K, which includes a $35K franchise fee. This investment grants access to the thriving mortgage brokerage market, supported by the brand’s strong reputation and operational model.

Unique Selling Proposition

Motto Mortgage differentiates itself by emphasizing transparency and customer service in the mortgage process, catering to entrepreneurs interested in the financial services industry. Its innovative business model, combined with ongoing support and training for franchisees, makes it an attractive option for those seeking to enter a sector with a significant impact on people’s lives—helping them achieve homeownership.

Market Position

Motto Mortgage’s rapid expansion and success demonstrate the effectiveness of its model and the potential for franchisees to grow a profitable business within the finance industry. It’s an ideal choice for entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in their clients’ lives while building a sustainable business.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Franchise: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

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The good thing about franchises under 100k is that you can find some very simple businesses. For instance, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning revolutionizes the cleaning industry with its eco-friendly approach, focusing on sustainable and green cleaning solutions. Since its start in 2006, it has grown to 479 units, reflecting a net unit growth of 77. This substantial expansion highlights the increasing consumer demand for environmentally responsible services.


Investment Overview

The total investment for starting an Oxi Fresh franchise ranges from $51K to $81K, which includes a $44K franchise fee. This affordable entry point, combined with the brand’s strong commitment to eco-friendly practices, presents a compelling opportunity for potential franchisees.

Environmental Commitment as a Differentiator

Oxi Fresh sets itself apart with its dedication to green cleaning technologies and practices, meeting a growing market need for sustainable options. The franchise’s innovative cleaning methods not only ensure effective results but also minimize environmental impact, appealing to eco-conscious customers and entrepreneurs alike.

Business Growth and Support

The franchise’s success is bolstered by a strong business model that offers comprehensive support, including marketing, operational guidance, and ongoing training. With average gross sales of $105K and a franchise payback period of 3.5 to 5.3 years, Oxi Fresh franchisees can look forward to a profitable venture that aligns with their values.

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning exemplifies how environmental stewardship and business success can go hand in hand, offering an attractive option for those aiming to make a positive impact through their entrepreneurial endeavors.

i9 Sports Franchise: Fostering Youth Development Through Sports


You can even own franchises under 100k that align with your passions! i9 Sports has redefined the youth sports league franchise sector with its innovative approach to community sports programming. Since its founding, i9 Sports has emphasized fun, safety, and convenience over the competitive nature of youth sports, leading to a significant presence in the market and a net unit growth of 60. This growth attests to the franchise’s success in filling a niche for less competitive, more inclusive youth sports options.


Investment and Returns

Entering the i9 Sports franchise requires an investment ranging from $60K to $70K, including a $24K franchise fee. This investment provides access to a rapidly growing sector with significant potential for impact and returns. With gross sales reaching $420K and a franchise payback period of 1.0 to 3.0 years, i9 Sports offers a compelling business opportunity that is both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

Community Impact and Market Demand

The appeal of i9 Sports lies in its mission to provide a positive sports experience for children, focusing on personal growth, teamwork, and skill development. This mission resonates with parents and communities seeking alternatives to traditional youth sports, driving demand for i9 Sports programs. The franchise’s model is designed for scalability and impact, offering franchisees the chance to build a business that contributes to their community’s well-being.

Support and Growth Opportunities

Franchisees receive extensive support from the i9 Sports management team, including marketing, operational guidance, and comprehensive training. This support ensures franchise owners are well-equipped to succeed in the competitive landscape of youth sports programming. i9 Sports’ commitment to innovation and community engagement positions it as a leader in the industry, offering an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs passionate about sports and youth development.

i9 Sports stands out as a prime choice for those looking to make a difference in the lives of young athletes while building a successful business in the sports industry.


Exploring franchises under 100k reveals a world of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. The Patch Boys, Schooley Mitchell, Motto Mortgage, Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, and i9 Sports exemplify how diverse and accessible the franchising landscape can be, offering paths to ownership that align with financial goals and personal passions. These franchises stand out for their growth, unique market niches, and the support they provide to their franchisees, highlighting the potential for success and community impact. As you consider your journey into franchising, remember that the best opportunity is one that matches your vision and values, promising not just financial rewards but also satisfaction in your entrepreneurial venture. With the right choice, you’re not just investing in a business, but in your future.


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