3 sites to explore if you’re looking to find franchise contact list

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated by Rocío Torres: September 7, 2023
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In today’s article I’m going to go through three top sites to get the franchise owner contact information, the franchise executive contact information, this could be if you’re looking to sell to a franchisee, sell to a franchisor, maybe you’re doing a due diligence and you’re looking to buy an existing franchise for sale, new franchise opportunity, or maybe even your private equity funding you want to buy the whole system or you’re doing your due diligence. So, three sites to explore if you’re looking to find franchise contact list.


We’re going to start first with FRANdata on this franchise contact list. FRANdata has been around for over 20 years. They’re in the business of consulting and advising franchise brands, suppliers, and different people that interact within the franchise ecosystem and they’ve noticed a lot of suppliers approach the franchise space without like a clear understanding of the industry makeup, they can help the suppliers get in and get into contact with the right franchisee.

Also helping franchise brands with franchisee recruitment, understanding selling into multi-unit franchises, measuring the opportunity, and identifying the franchise decision maker, so imagine you’re selling a solution to a hotel chain and that hotel owner owns 30 hotels and he could be making over $100 million a year. Or a medical staffing franchise that should be making about $5 million a year and you have a service or product that you could be selling to him. Companies like FRANdata can identify and target the ideal franchisee decision maker for you to then reach out to.

As part of their franchise contact list, they have over 450,000 franchise unit locations accounted for across 230 industries, with 210,000 franchisees that compose those 440,000 or more multi-unit operators. 

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The Franchise Dream...

That’s every franchise brand’s dream or a lot of franchise brands, want to sell to someone who already has experience in the restaurant space, in the fitness space that already operating multiple locations, has worked with a franchisor in the past, and understands the best way to go about that relationship as it’s different than a customer-vendor relationship, client-supplier relationship, it’s a special relationship and fully understanding you got to be either a franchisee or a franchisor, or ideally both.

These franchisees get it, so many franchise brands want to sell to those franchisees, and also they have a track record of success with the stores they’ve been operating in. FRANdata also boasts that they use demographic and psychographic filters, to target the most likely prospects that convert and they’re able to search nationwide or in very specific territories or regions. And FRANdata does not disclose their pricing on their website, I believe you’d have to enter in contact directly with FRANdata like you can reach them at


And next up in this franchise contact list is Franchimp is a new player in the space-based out of Asia but focuses on the US market, and they have contact information for over 450,000 franchisees across 30 industries. I imagine industries use a tighter scope than the 200 plus industries that FRANdata uses and looking at their website, they had a little less than 450,000 franchisees.

They had 440,000, which isn’t bad, and they charge a monthly fee rather, of $150 a month, where you can get access and a lot of the data sets aren’t full where you might have the email for some franchisees, and you might have the phone number for others.

However, it’s important to note that the advertised $150 per month might not be the true cost. In reality, you’re required to commit to a full year in advance, which means you’ll be shelling out $1,800 upfront.

As I looked at it, for Subway and $3,400, you could buy the franchisee contact details for 23,000 Subway franchisees. You could pay the upfront cost, and I believe you could download the list instead of paying $3400.

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Franchise Complaints

Rounding out the list number three, you have is also related to Franchise Owners List and both these companies, it appears to be owned by the same firm, and they’re mostly catering their lists of sales and marketing teams looking to reach franchisees across the United States. They claim to have access to over 1000 qualified business owner franchise leads from all different types of industries and brands, single multi-unit franchisees with verified mailing list.

They say that it contains a phone number, physical mailing address, store numbers, and or the business email. Well the one thing I noticed with the, is it was a bit limited where they had it for 1000 or so franchise brands and if anyone’s been on the Vetted Biz website, there’s over 5000 franchise brands that have had franchisees over the years. The scope of the number of franchise brands that they cover is reduced compared to or to


I hope you found this article informational. Again, those are three sites that you can check ou if you’re looking to find the franchise contact details. Another one is just looking at the FDD and you can get oftentimes the phone number and or email address for all the franchisees that are currently in the system and usually they have to disclose it for at least former franchisees that have left over the prior year.

There you have it, three sites that you got to pay to get the franchise contact details from, and if you have access to the FDD, then we have another video on how to access FDDs for free, as well as some paid options to get the actual FDD and you can manually go through and extract the contact details yourself.

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