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Five Star Bath Solutions Franchise Review (2024)

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Five Star Bath Solutions Franchise Background

Five Star Bath Solutions “FSBS” offers quality bathroom renovation services for homeowners looking to renovate their bathrooms

Five Star Bath Solutions is a self-proclaimed “Franchisee First” business which has led them to create and develop tools, support, technologies, and competitive advantages for all of their franchisees. They have proprietary technologies to allow their franchisees to differentiate themselves from all competitors and scale their business.

They have a full in-house marketing and advertising company, demonstrated by the fact that 60% of their leads come through online franchisor-managed sources. Additionally, they have a cutting edge proprietary sales center and quoting technology/software to help their franchisees build their brand and ensure greater success.

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Five Star Bath Solutions is led by an experienced franchise management team, headed by CEO and founder Scott Abbot. Scott is a very accomplished entrepreneur. He currently serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Five Star Franchising, Inc. Mr. Abbott focuses on the development of technology, products, services, and partnerships that enable each client to be a leader in their industry. He led Five-Star Painting from having only 1 franchise in August 2005 to over 50 franchises in 2008.

Mr. Abbott has been recognized personally with several awards for his entrepreneurship, being named to the Utah Business Forty Under 40, and receiving recognition as Innovator of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year while in Canada.

Franchise Home Services Industry Analysis

Franchise Strengths

  • High margin business that has the ability to scale within the market
  • Very strong franchisor support with training, hiring, negotiated vendors, and marketing efforts
  • Superior product / service at an affordable, mid-market price point 

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Reliant on having a skilled contractor, at least for the first year until a contractor’s license can be attained (if desired)
  • Referrals are an important part of the business, so volume sales may take some time to grow over the first year
  • Limited service / product offering – only remodels bathrooms 

Franchise Opportunities

  • Opportunity to grow the flow of leads quickly with FSBS as they continually optimize their various online sales channels
  • Huge industry – over $300bn in annual spending on home remodeling, according to the Join Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University
  • In 2002, a survey of American homeowners who had remodeled their kitchens found that, on average, they had expected the job to cost $18,658; in fact, they ended up paying an average of $38,769 

Franchise Threats

  • Operating in a large, competitive market
  • At the mercy of the overall housing industry, if the housing industry falls then this will have a significant impact on sales


How much is a Five Star Bath Solutions Franchise?

Five Star Bath Solutions Franchise cost ranges from $75,530 to $141,100 according to the 2019 FDD.
Cost Types Amount (in USD) When Due To Whom Payment is to Be Made
Low High
Franchise Fee $40.000 $40.000 Upon signing FA Franchisor
Advertising 15.000 20.000 As Incurred Franchisor or Approved Suppliers
Contractor License / Licenses and Bonds 0 2.250 Prior to Opening State Administrators, Gov Agencies, ect.
Lease and Utilities Deposits and Payments 0 1.000 As Incurred Landlord, Utility Companies, and Suppliers
Franchise Premises Rent 0 1.500 As Incurred Landlord
Supplies, Inventory, and Equipment 2.500 5.000 Prior to Opening and As Incurred Franchisor or Suppliers
Office Set-up 500 1.500 Prior to Opening and As Incurred Suppliers
Computer Equipment 500 1.500 Before Initial Training Suppliers
Travel and Living Expenses to Attend Training 3.000 5.000 Before and During Training Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, ect.
On-Site Installer Training Cost 1.500 3.000 Before and During On-Site Training Franchisor, Approved Suppliers, Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, ect.
Cell Phone (first 3 months) 150 750 Before Starting Operations Suppliers
Clothing and Uniforms 0 250 After Starting Operations Franchisor or Approved Suppliers
Car Signs / Decals 1.000 3.500 Before Opening Franchisor or Approved Suppliers
Vehicle/Trailer 0 35.000 As Incurred Suppliers
Insurance (first 3 months) 180 750 Before Opening Insurers
Professional Services 0 2.000 As Incurred Attorneys, Accountants, ect.
Miscellaneous Opening Costs 200 600 As Incurred Suppliers, Utilities, ect.
Trade Show Displays 5.000 7.500 Before Opening Franchisor or Suppliers
Additional Funds (6-12 months) 6.000 10.000 As Incurred Employees and 3rd Parties
Total $75,530 $141,100
Royalty Brand Ad-Fund Local Ad-Fund

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How Much does a  Five Star Bath Solutions Franchise make?

Average Leads Per Month (A) 57
Average Appointments Per Month (B) 41
Average Monthly Sales $45.538
Average Annual Sales (D) $546.457
Average Close Ratio (E) 38%
Average Job Price $6.606
Average Leads Per Month (A) 84
Average Appointments Per Month (B) 40
Average Monthly Sales $30.208
Average Annual Sales (D) $362.208
Average Close Ratio (E) 32%
Average Job Price $6.606
“Slugging” Percentage (system-wide average of revenue divided by total system-wide appoitments) $1.035

FDD Disclaimer: “The following information includes historical financial performance representations about existing franchisees that operated and reported data for the 2018 calendar year. These financial performance representations disclose only average sales and key performance indicators and do not take into account the cost of services performed or franchisee expenses.”

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