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Ins Market: Is Dakin News a Business Solution?

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What kind of business does Ins Market, Dakin News Systems Inc do?

Ins Market. Dakin News Systems Inc is a company that provides business solutions to franchisees across the United States. They gather and distribute news for businesses, as well as help them with marketing and advertising.

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Why is the franchisee complaining? (Ins Market)

Not all franchises have had a positive experience with the company. In fact, one franchisee recently argued that they did not return their $10.000 security deposit since the franchise contract terminated. This is what the franchisee claim:

Do not keep my deposit illegally. The deposit is my money. You must release the deposit money since our franchise contract terminated

This is just one example of the many complaints that have been lodged against Dakin News Systems Inc.

Complaint source: BBB ON Kitchener/Toronto (5/11/2018)

Before you decide to do business with Dakin News Systems Inc, it is important to weigh the pros and cons. On one hand, they have a lot of experience and can offer helpful services to franchisees. On the other hand, there have been many complaints about the company.

What do you think? Should the franchisee receive their security deposit back? Thanks for reading!


In conclusion, Ins Market, Dakin News Systems Inc is a business that specializes in providing business solutions to franchisees across the United States. Their services encompass news distribution, marketing, and advertising support. However, amidst their experience and assistance, instances of dissatisfaction have arisen, such as the case of a franchisee not receiving their $10,000 security deposit after the termination of their contract. These complaints underline the need for careful consideration when engaging with Dakin News Systems Inc. Whether the franchisee should be refunded their security deposit, a thorough evaluation of the circumstances is essential. Thank you for taking the time to engage with this discussion.

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