Creamistry Franchise Review (2023)

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated by Rocío Torres: January 20, 2023
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Creamistry opened its first corporate store in Irvine, California in September 2013. Their concept was an instant success and they started franchising a year later. Since then they have grown to over 50 stores throughout the US, with many more scheduled to open in the coming months.

Unlike regular ice cream that is typically pumped and churned with air (overrun), Creamistry uses liquid nitrogen to instantly freeze each ice cream order, resulting in a decadently rich and luxuriously creamy ice cream hand-crafted to each client’s preference in the moment

They use high quality, premium ingredients, offering more than 60 flavor and topping options, including all natural and organic choices. Their extensive menu also includes a wide selection of vegan, dairy-free and organic items.

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Creamistry Franchise Background

Management Team

Creamistry’s founder Jay Yim grew up in the ice cream business. His grandfather owned a bakery and ice cream company in Korea and his father followed suit when he moved the family to the US. Eventually, he and his wife Katie took over one of the shops his father had established

The idea of Creamistry came when Jay visited his homeland of South Korea in 2002. There was a lady on the street, in a tent, mixing ice cream by hand and freezing it from a canister of liquid nitrogen.  Jay was fascinated: Ice cream that freezes instantly before serving – meaning it would be untainted by preservatives or emulsifiers that prolong shelf life. After years of experimenting, they finally opened their first store in 2013.

The company is lead by a very experienced and supportive management team that helps and trains franchisees so that they have all of the tools to success at their disposal 

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Franchise Food Services Industry Analysis

Franchise Strengths

  • High quality, custom-made ice cream.
  • Operationally simple, easy to learn.
  • Franchisor provides training and support with suppliers and opening the store.
  • Strong leadership team committed to helping franchisees grow their markets.

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Success of business is highly dependent on location of the store.
  • Sales impacted by weather (i.e. cloudy days).
  • Employee turnover tends to be high in food industry overall.

Franchise Opportunities

  • Management is actively trying to grow the brand and has a grand vision for where the brand can be in 5 years.
  • Ability to adapt and grow with an emerging franchisor setting itself as leader in this fast growing segment of industry.
  • Differentiates itself from competitors by offering alternatives to cover many tastes- vegans, non-dairy, & organic.

Franchise Threats

  • Profitability can be negatively impacted by close location of like competitors (frozen yogurt and ice cream).
  •  Change in consumer tastes.
  • Ingredients could become more expensive over time.
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How much is a Creamistry Franchise?


Creamistry Franchise cost ranges from $224,500 to $576,500 according to the 2019 FDD.

ItemEstimated Amount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$40.000$40.000At signing of Franchise AgreementFranchisor
Training Fee05.000As IncurredFranchisor
Real Estate Security/Utility Deposits/Licenses and Prepaid Fees5.00025.000When IncurredLandlord, Government Agecies
Equipment & Furniture70.000175.000When IncurredSuppliers
Leasehold Improvements35.000225.000When IncurredSuppliers
Opening Inventory10.00025.000When IncurredSuppliers and Franchisors
Insurance3.0006.000When IncurredInsurance Provider
Signage, Menu Board12.00020.000When IncurredSuppliers
Grand Opening Promotion15.00020.000When IncurredSuppliers
Cash Registers/Other Office Equipment4.5005.500When IncurredSuppliers
Additional Funds- 3 months30.00030.000When IncurredEmployees and Suppliers

FDD Disclosure: “The following chart is the actual gross sales of ALL Creamistry Stores that were open and in operation for the period ending December 31, 2018 with the total sales from their respective opening dates, including those that opened in 2018. As of December 31, 2018, we had 60 Creamistry Stores in operation, with –59 franchised stores and 1 company or affiliate owned stores. There were 42 stores open for 12 months or longer as of December 31, 2018. The chart below provides for the applicable period of financial performance.”

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