ChillN Franchise Review (2023)

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated by Rocío Torres: January 20, 2023
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ChillN franchise opened its first corporate store in Miami in 2012, becoming one of the first liquid nitrogen ice cream shops in the country.

The decision to make their ice cream with liquid nitrogen originated from that fact that made to order ice-cream is the highest quality you can achieve.

chilln franchise

Chill-N’s servings are of 6 to 8 ounces and each batch is flash frozen and flavored in front of the client according to their choice of flavor and toppings.

Additionally, the majority of ingredients used are fresh, genre ating a result that leaves clients never wanting traditional ice cream again.

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Management Team

ChillN Nitrogen Ice Cream was created by Danny Golik – an ice cream lover who after 6 months perfecting the ideal nitrogen ice cream equation in the garage of his parents home, created and opened his first ChillN location in Pinecrest, FL.

In addition to Danny and Donna as founders, they brought onboard David Leonardo who has extensive experience in Franchising. The family will continue to operate 5 corporate and 2 licensed stores while growing the Franchise Division.

Additionally, a sixth Corporate store is scheduled to open in August 2020 in Coconut Grove, FL. 

Franchise Food Services Industry Analysis

Franchise Strengths

  • Artisanal, high quality ice-cream.
  • Operationally simple, easy to learn.
  • Franchisor offers joint venture opportunity where they handle all aspects of the business.
  • Strong leadership team based in FL committed to growing within numerous markets.

Franchise Weaknesses

  • Success of business is highly dependent on location of the store.
  • Solid corporate store financials but new to franchising.
  • Sales impacted by weather (i.e. rainy days).
  • Americans are still unfamiliar with nitrogen ice cream.

Franchise Opportunities

  • Ability to adapt and grow with an emerging franchisor in an under-penetrated market.
  • Model allows for centralized productions and economies of scale through smaller units.
  • Opportunities for B2B business, delivery sales, etc.

Franchise Threats

  • Profitability can be negatively impacted by close location of like competitors (frozen yogurt and gelato).
  • Potential for Nitrogen-base ice cream to not catch on with the American masses.
  • Prime costs for ingredients like Nutella and Dulce de Leche could become more expensive over time.
chilln franchise

How much is a Chill-N Franchise?

Urban Bricks Franchise cost ranges from $335,578 to $474,164 according to the 2018 FDD

ItemEstimated Amount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$39.000$39.000Signing of FDDFranchisor
Construction, Leasehold Imporvements, Furniture and Fixtures$96.150$152.169Before OpeningContractor/Third-party providers
Equipment (Financed or Leased)133.728154.195Before OpeningThird-party providers
Signage (interior and exterior)6.5007.500Before OpeningThird-party providers
Opening Package1.2001.200Before OpeningFranchisor
Point of Sales System8001.600Before OpeningThird-party providers
Computer System01.000Before OpeningThird-party providers
Opening Inventory6.0008.000Before OpeningThird-party providers or Franchisor
Rent4.50020.400Before OpeningLandlord
Utility Deposits0500Before OpeningUtility providers
Insurance Deposits and Premiums6002.500Before OpeningInsurance company
Pre-opening Travel Expense1.0005.000Before OpeningAirline, Hotel, Restaurants
Grand Opening Advertising5.0007.000Prior to OpeningThird Parties
Professional Fees1.0002.000Before OpeningAttorneys, accountants
Business Permits and Licenses5001.500Before OpeningLicensing Authorities
Nitrogen Supply5.60010.600Before and After OpeningThird-party providers
Construction Management Services19.00020.000Before OpeningThird-party vendor
Additional Funds- 3 months15.00040.000After OpeningVarious
Monthly Fees
RoyaltyBrand FundLocal Marketing

FDD Disclaimer: “This Item sets forth certain historical sales and cost information for four Chill-N-Ice Cream businesses located in Southeastern Florida operated by our founders, Danny and Donna Golik (the “Founders’ Businesses”). The Founders’ Businesses are substantially similar to the Businesses being offered in this franchise disclosure document.

Excluded from this Item 19 is one non- traditional Chill-N-Ice Cream business opened by our founders in January 2019 as this business is not substantially similar to the business being offered under this disclosure document. Substantiation of the data used in preparing this information will be made available to you upon reasonable request.”

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