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Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise Review (2024)

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Cherry Blow Dry Bar is an expanding franchise that provides premium express services including blowouts, hair extensions, makeup services and treatments for a perfectly finished look, all at affordable prices through a unique membership model.

Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise Background

Management Team

Cherry launched in 2013 under previous ownership focused solely on blowouts at affordable prices. Two short years later, the franchise was taken over by the Vicario brothers who saw great potential in Cherry Blow Dry Bar, realizing that with their experience in franchising and expertise in membership models, they could create a unique model within the niche category. The concept has proven strong, and Cherry Blow Dry Bar is continuing to expand throughout the country.

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Franchise Health And Beauty Industry Analysis

Franchise Strengths

  • Operationally simple with all the stylists already with their certifications
  • Recurrent revenue streams with the monthly membership fee structure
  • Ability to have a manager run the day-to-day of the business

Health And Wellness Franchise Opportunities

  • Boutique concept that still has much room to grow the brand presence in many markets
  • Growing market as the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry has been growing steadily at 3% per year over the last few years, with growth forecasted to continue
  • Very large and growing market – Global Hair Salon Industry is $40bn industry with continued growth

Threats In The Health And Wellness Franchise Market

  • Changing consumer preferences and styles
  • Other nearby competition and growing national chains
  • Many consumers see as “non-vital” good, and is thus is more prone to economic recessions
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How Much Is A Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise?

Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise cost ranges from $220,890 to $395,400 according to the 2020 FDD.

Item Estimated Amount (in USD) When Due To Whom Payment is to Be Made
Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $39.000 $39.000 When you sign the Franchise Agreement Franchisor
Lease / Rent 5.500 25.000 As incurred Landlord
Plans and Construction 120.000 225.000 As incurred Contractors
Equipment 15.000 20.000 Before Opening Vendors, Approved Suppliers
Computer System 3.000 7.500 As Arranged Vendor
Inventory 5.000 10.000 Before Opening Vendors, Approved Suppliers
Signage 4.000 10.000 Before Opening Vendors
Grand Opening Advertising 5.000 5.000 30 Days Before Opening Franchisor
Insurance 1.000 2.000 As Arranged Insurance Providors
Training Expenses 500 2.000 As incurred Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants
Business Licenses and Permits 500 1.500 As incurred Gov Agencies or other licensing authorities
Professional Fees 2.000 7.000 As Arranged Service Providors
Security Deposits 100 1.000 As Arranged Lender, Approved Suppliers
Pre-Opening Staff 290 400 As Arranged Employees
Additional Funds- 3 months 20.000 40.000 First 3 months of operation Landlord, utilities, providors, suppliers, and other operating expenses
Total $220.890 $395.400
Royalty Ad-Fund Local Marketing
6% 1% 4%

How Much Does A Cherry Blow Dry Bar Franchise Make?

Number of Memberships Sold Revenue from Membership Sales Total Revenue
725 $244,158 $452, 317

FDD Disclaimer: “During our most recent fiscal year ending March 31, 2016, we had 3 franchised outlets and 1 company-owned outlet that had been in operation for a full year. This financial performance representation is a historic representation based on the past performance of the company-owned Cherry Hill location. The Cherry Hill location is the only Cherry Blow Dry to use a membership model, as opposed to a fee for service model, for a full twelve-month period. All other outlets in operation during our last fiscal year either did not adopt the membership model, as it was not part of the system under our Predecessor, or had not operated under the membership model for a full year. The franchise offered by this Disclosure Document will operate under the membership model only.”

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