Big Frog Franchise Review (2023)

Written by: Patrick Findaro
Last Updated by Brenda Bagnoli: January 20, 2023
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Big Frog

Big Frog Franchise Background

Big Frog Big Frog is a high-tech, light manufacturing retail garment decorating boutique known for having very high levels of customer satisfaction. The business involves a retail store location that caters to the needs of the local community. Through local marketing efforts, Big Frog stores are able to obtain community groups such as schools, sports leagues, religious organizations, and more, as clients

Big Frog has all of the necessary tools and equipment, including printers, to help their customs design the exact garment they are looking for. Once an order is placed, a store is typically able to service the client by the next day


Management Team


Big Frog is led by a well experienced and dedicated management team. Since 2006, Leeward Bean has been a co-owner of Dream Niche, LLC and Bay Area Custom T-Shirts LLC, now doing business as Big Frog Custom T-Shirts, both located in Clearwater, Florida. Leeward is primarily responsible for overseeing high level activities such as franchise development, legal and compliance issues as well as public relations. Leeward is joined by Ron DeFrece as Vice President at the Big Frog Franchise Group oversees all aspects of store and system operations. In 2006 he became a co-owner of Dream Niche, LLC and Bay Area Custom T-Shirts LLC, now doing business as Big Frog Custom T-Shirts, both located in Clearwater, Florida. In 2012, he transferred his interest in Bay Area Custom to be focused purely on the Big Frog Franchise Group and its ongoing success.


Franchise Retail Industry Analysis

Big Frog franchise

Franchise Strengths

Established franchisor with strong track record of success

Operating within a niche of the overall custom garment industry with physical stores that provide high-quality printing jobs and design assistance

Operationally simple business that is necessary in all parts and communities of the U.S.


Franchise Weaknesses

Competing in a large, developed, and fragmented market

Competing against online custom garment companies that likely have lower cost structures

Reliant on strong community outreach efforts


Retail Franchise Opportunities 

Customer awareness will continue to expand as more units open across the U.S., thereby spreading Big Frog’s strong reputation for customer service

Very large and growing industry – the garment decorating industry is an over $43.8bn a year industry(1)


Retail Franchise Threats 

Potential for the market to move more towards online custom garment providers

Potential for technological changes to impact the business


How much is Big Frog Custom T-Shirts Franchise?

Big Frog Franchise cost ranges from $175,201 to $242,801 according to the 2020FDD.

ItemEstimated Amount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Franchise Fee$39.500$39.500Upon signing FAFranchisor
Training Travel Expenses1.6672.667During Training3rd Parties
Lease Deposits and Store Build Out8.00046.000As IncurredLandlord and Contractors
Equipment, Furniture & Fixtures including Computer System50.00064.000Before OpeningSuppliers and Franchisor
Computer System and Software12.00015.000Before OpeningSuppliers and Franchisor
Office Supplies2.0005.600Before OpeningSuppliers
Signs, Standard Location3.5005.500Before OpeningSuppliers
Insurance1.6672.667As IncurredSuppliers
Professional Fees1.6672.667As IncurredAttorney, Accountant, etc.
Franchise Opening Costs, Including Utility Deposits / Licenses1.0002.000Before OpeningThird Parties
Opening Inventory, Standard Location4.2005.200Before OpeningSuppliers
Promotional and Advertising (3 months)10.00010.000As Incurred During First 3 MonthsSuppliers
Additional Funds (3 months)40.00042.000As IncurredWorking Capital, Employee Wages, etc.

How Much does a  Big Frog Center Franchise make?

 Systemwide Gross Revenue (All Outlets)$32.214.861$28.307.218
Average Annual Revenue (All Outlets)$374.591$349.472
Median Annual Revenue (All Outlets)$342.120$315.238
Highest Annual Revenue (Single Outlet)$1.041.131$945.009
Lowest Annual Revenue (Single Outlet)$79.792$68.052
Total Annual Customer Count (All Outlets)198.861186.195
Average Customer Count (All Outlets)2.0712.229
Median Customer Count (All Outlets)2.2212.258
Highest Customer Count (Single Outlet)5.2455.353
Lowest Customer Count (Single Outlet)892642
Systemwide Average Sale (All Outlets)$162,07$152,00
Median Average Sale (All Outlets)$164,16$140,53
Highest Average Sale (Single Outlet)$309,82$280,72
Lowest Average Sale (Single Outlet)$87,51$83,73

FDD Disclaimer:The following Tables contain historical financial performance representations, including cost data, for 64 franchised Big Frog Stores in operation on December 31, 2019 and who had operated for at least 12 months. We have excluded from the following Tables (i) 2 franchised outlets that did not operate for a full 12 months and (ii) 22 franchised outlets who did not submit to us one or more monthly profit and loss statements.”

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