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Best Home Care Franchises For 2024

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In the dynamic landscape of the franchise industry, the home care sector has emerged as a significant player. With a growing aging population and an increasing preference for in-home care, this sector presents a lucrative opportunity for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. This article focuses on the top five home care franchises of 2023: Home Instead, Right at Home, Interim HealthCare, Synergy HomeCare, and Visiting Angels. We delve into the operational strength of these franchises, seen through their expansive networks, as well as their financial performance. This analysis includes an exploration of the average unit volume, payback period, and the investment required to embark on these franchise opportunities.


What is the status of the Home Care Industry?

The home care industry, a critical component of the healthcare sector, is poised for significant growth in the coming years. This industry provides essential services that help seniors and others needing assistance with daily activities to maintain their independence and enjoy a higher quality of life. These services range from assistance with daily tasks such as meal preparation, bathing, and medication management to more complex medical care.


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There’s no denying the importance of home care services in today’s world, and it’s an industry that’s set to expand significantly. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that by 2030, more than 20% of U.S. residents are projected to be aged 65 and over, compared to 13% in 2010. This “Silver Tsunami” is creating an unprecedented demand for home care services, as more and more people prefer to age in place rather than move to assisted living or nursing homes.

The home care industry comprises a wide range of services, but can be broadly categorized into nonmedical home care and home health care. Nonmedical home care typically includes personal care, companionship, and help with daily activities, while home health care includes services provided by healthcare professionals, such as nursing care, physical therapy, and other medical care.

In the US, the home care industry is a significant economic driver. As of 2023, the home care sector is estimated to be worth over $115 billion. Moreover, it’s an industry that’s seeing plenty of innovation and growth, with new franchises popping up to meet the growing demand.

The Top Home Care Franchises of 2023

Home Instead

Home Instead, a leading name in the home care franchise industry, boasts a network of 609 locations. This impressive figure is a testament to its trusted business model and its substantial presence in the home care market. It’s an enticing opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs, with a midpoint investment of just $116,500. What’s even more impressive? The average unit volume sits at a remarkable $2,229,000. The payback period falls between 2–4 years, a prompt and appealing recovery time for the initial investment. High-quality home care services are at the core of Home Instead’s operations, and their financial metrics are a clear reflection of this commitment. Home Instead has come under pressure in 2023 from 20+ franchisees about unfair changes to the royalty payment and other key items.

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Right at Home

Shifting the focus to another key player, Right at Home. They command the home care franchise landscape with a significant footprint – 483 locations to be exact. Their presence? A clear indicator of a successful business model, one that’s been widely embraced. The cost of entry, or the midpoint investment, is a reasonable $121,794. But here’s where it gets interesting. The average unit volume comes in at a strong $1,261,000. And the cherry on top? A payback period of 2–4 years. So, you can recoup your initial investment in a relatively short timeframe. Right at Home’s reputation is built on a foundation of high-quality home care services. Their financial figures speak volumes of their operational success. If you’re looking to tap into the home care industry, Right at Home, with its extensive network and strong financial performance, could be your golden opportunity.

Interim HealthCare

Diving into the world of home care franchises, we encounter Interim HealthCare. Founded on the core principle of providing quality healthcare at home, the franchise has succeeded in establishing 339 locations across the nation. But it’s not just the numbers that speak to their success. A closer look at the financials reveals a compelling story. Entrepreneurs willing to venture into this territory need a midpoint investment of $163,000, a worthy price for a share in a thriving industry. The return? An impressive average unit volume of $2,670,000. Within a payback period of 1.5-2.5 years, initial investments are expected to be fully recouped, offering a fast track to profitability. There’s no doubt about it – Interim HealthCare, with its blend of compassionate care and solid financial performance, provides a promising platform for prospective franchisees.

Synergy HomeCare

Next up is Synergy HomeCare. With a network of 364 locations, this franchise stakes its claim in the home care landscape. Their expansive presence is more than just a marker on a map. It’s the manifestation of a successful business model, one that resonates with a growing number of entrepreneurs. And the cost to join the ranks? A surprisingly modest midpoint investment of $92,094. In return, franchisees can anticipate an average unit volume of $1,519,000. Coupled with a payback period of 2–4 years, the potential for solid financial returns is palpable. Synergy HomeCare’s mission to deliver top-notch home care services isn’t just a promise – it’s a commitment that echoes in its strong financial performance. For those aiming to carve a niche in the home care sector, Synergy HomeCare offers a golden opportunity to do just that.

Visiting Angels

Finally, we cast our spotlight on Visiting Angels, a name that’s earned its wings in the realm of home care franchises. With an impressive total of 541 locations under its belt, Visiting Angels aren’t just another franchise – it’s a testament to a business model that’s both robust and widely adopted. But let’s not stop at the numbers. To become a part of this angelic venture, entrepreneurs are looking at a midpoint investment of $142,305. But don’t let that figure daunt you. The return on this investment? A staggering average unit volume of $1,250,000. The icing on the cake? A payback period of 1.5-2.5 years ensures a quick return on the initial investment. At Visiting Angels, quality home care services are the order of the day, and their strong financials are a testament to their operational prowess. If you’re looking to make your mark in the home care industry, Visiting Angels offer a promising path laden with potential.


Navigating the franchise industry can be a daunting task, but with the right information and guidance, it becomes a journey of discovery and opportunity. The home care sector, in particular, offers promising prospects for entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference in people’s lives while achieving financial success. Home Instead, Right at Home, Interim HealthCare, Synergy HomeCare, and Visiting Angels are clear leaders in this industry. Each franchise offers a unique blend of compassionate care services and solid financial performance. The choice ultimately depends on your entrepreneurial objectives and the franchise that aligns best with your vision. The road to a successful home care franchise starts with an informed decision – let this be your first step.

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