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Amorino Franchise review (2024)

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Amorino opened its first store in Paris, France in 2002. Since then it has expanded to over 150 stores with presence in more than 17 countries with more scheduled to open in the coming months

Amorino is an upscale retail store that offers a variety of products, including: gelato, sorbet, coffee and other beverages, macaroons, chocolates, cakes, cookies and additional food and beverage products depending on the location and season.

Amorino Franchise Background 

The gelato base is made daily with the highest quality and fresh local ingredients. Including the free-range organic eggs and the highest grade milk. Amorino’s secret to its success is in its production process. In order to achieve consistency, all products arrive at each shop ready t serve. Also, this avoids the risk of product alteration and they can guarantee that all customers will enjoy the same experience regardless of where they go to buy it

With numerous shops all over the world, Amorino differentiates itself through its iconic presentation of the gelato as a flower, constructed petal by petal with as many flavors as the customers want.

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Management Team

Amorino was created by two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi in the heart of Paris on Ile St Louis.

Amorino arrived in the United States in 2011 with the first store in the West Village, New York. There has since been an important expansion of the brand through franchisees opening new stores across the states. The edible gelato flower is now a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and exquisite flavor. Its most prominent characteristics are the natural ingredients and respect for the Italian tradition. In essence, consumers don’t have to go to Italy anymore to have a real Italian gelato.

The company is lead by a very experienced and supportive management team that helps and trains franchisees so that they have all of the tools to success at their disposal.

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Dessert Services Industry Analysis 

Dessert Franchise Strengths

  • Artisanal, high-quality gelato
  • Operationally simple, easy to learn
  • Franchisor provides training and support with suppliers and opening the store
  • Strong leadership team committed to helping franchisees grow their markets

Dessert Franchise Weaknesses

  • Success of business is highly dependent on location of the store
  • Sales impacted by weather (i.e. cloudy days)
  • Americans are still unfamiliar with gelato

Dessert Franchise Opportunities

  • Ability to grow with a worldwide known franchisor in an under-penetrated market as it expands throughout the United States
  • The gelato market is small (800 outlets) in the U.S. compared to Italy (~150,000 outlets)

Dessert Franchise Threats

  • Profitability negatively impact by close location of like competitors (frozen yogurt and ice cream)
  •  Potential for gelato to not catch on with the American masses
  • Change in consumer tastes.
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How much is a Amorino Franchise?

Amorino Franchise cost ranges from $444,200 to $795,750 according to the 2020 FDD.

Estimated Initial Investment

ItemEstimated Amount (in USD)When DueTo Whom Payment is to Be Made
Initial Franchise Fee$50.000$50.000$10,000 at signing of Franchise Agreement, the remaining at balance at signing of leaseFranchisor
Architect’s Fees, Engineer’s Fees, Permits15.00035.000As IncurredArchitect, Engineer, Relevant Entity requiring the Permits
Legal Fees (lease negotiation, zoning and township/ municipality matters)3.00012.000As IncurredAttorney
Real Property: Lease Security Deposit and any required utility deposits5.00082.000Upon signing lease and upon contracting with relevant utility companyLandlord; Utility Company
Leasehold Improvements: Construction; Remodeling, Alterations, and Decorating Expenses140.000225.000As IncurredThird Party Contractor
Furniture, Equipment, Casework, and Restaurant Supplies125.000165.000Before Store OpeningApproved Supplier
POS Systems1.2002.500Before Store OpeningApproved Supplier
Inventory to begin Operating20.00069.250As IncurredApproved Supplier
Signage15.00025.000Before Store OpeningApproved Supplier
Store Opening Promotional Fee5.0005.000Date of Store OpeningThird Party Vendors
Additional Funds- 3 months65.000125.000As IncurredLandlord; Utility Company; Approved Contractor

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