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AKT Franchise Review (2024)


AKT Franchise Background 

AKT is a dance based cardio fitness and wellness brand, fueled by positivity and a combination of personal training, and movement-based technique. A unique combination of toning, interval circuit, and dance-based workouts, with new original programming created every 3 weeks.

At the studios, there are 4 types of classes offered: Dance, Bands, Tone, Circuit. 

Management Team

Developed by Celebrity Trainer, Anna Kaiser, AKT is a prescription-based dance concept, deeply rooted in movement and positive energy. Fueled by positivity and a belief that movement has a powerful, lasting impact, AKT is for all body types and fitness levels. With this positivity and combination of personal training and movement-based technique, AKT empowers members to become stronger in their bodies, minds, and communities – and they have fun doing it!

The concept was founded in 2013 and acquired by Xponential fitness in 2018. As of today, they have 20 studios open with another 100 awarded.

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Franchise Health and Fitness Industry Analysis

Franchise Strengths

  • With a proven yet unique concept in one of the most competitive industries, AKT has extensive market potential
  • Appeals to a wide range of the population, from people who want to get in shape to others who are already in top physical condition
  • Part of the Xponential franchise group which has a very strong track record in the fitness franchise space


  • Boutique gym that does not offer all of the resources and amenities of a full-service gym
  • The fitness market is very competitive with low barriers to entry

Franchise Opportunities

  • As a boutique concept, able to charge higher pricing than traditional fitness concepts
  • Growing niche within the fitness market – 74% membership growth in boutique fitness concepts over the past 3 years
  • Very large and growing market – $30bn industry with continued growth
  • Brand awareness will continue to grow as the concept expands


  • Operating in a very large, competitive market that is rapidly changing
  • Profits can be negatively impacted due to close proximity of a similar competitor
  • Potential for change in consumers’ preferred fitness regimen
  • Potential impact from governmental restrictions
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How Much is a AKT Franchise?

AKT Franchise cost ranges from $341,200 to $529,900 according to the 2021 FDD.

Item Estimated Amount (in USD) When Due To Whom Payment is to Be Made
Low High
Initial Franchise Fee $60.000 $60.000 Signing of FDD Franchisor
Travel & Living Expenses While Training $500 $3.000 Piror to Training Airlines, Hotels and Restaurants
Real Estate/Lease 13.000 46.000 As incurred Landlord
Leasehold Improvements 136.000 225.000 As incurred Approved Suppliers, Architects and Contractors
Signage 18.000 30.000 As incurred Approved Suppliers
Insurance 900 2.500 Before Opening Insurance Carrier
Exercise Equipment Lease – 3 Months 4.800 6.900 Before Opening Approved Suppliers
Proprietary Initial Inventory Kit 12.000 12.000 Before Opening Franchisor
Licenses and Permits 0 5.000 Before Opening Local, State or Federal Government
Professional Fees 4.500 4.500 As incurred Approved Suppliers
Sound Consultant 1.500 3.500 As incurred Approved Suppliers
Audio Visual Equipment 52.000 52.000 As incurred Approved Suppliers
Computer System 2.500 3.500 As Incurred Third Party Vendors
Opening Support Program and Other Marketing Spend 15.000 15.000 Before Opening Approved Suppliers
Instructor Pre-Opening Training and Related Expenses 10.500 21.000 Before Opening Franchisor, Third Parties
Additional Funds – 3 Months 10.000 40.000 As incurred Personnel, landlord, Approved Supoliers and other Third Party Vendors
Total $341,200  $529,900
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How Much does a  AKT Franchise make?

Average Number of Members as of December 31, 2019 Centers that Attained or Surpassed the Average Member Number Median Number of Members as of December 31, 2019 Centers that Attained or Surpassed the Median Member Number
Centers with top 10% membership counts (51 centers) 333 19 or 37% 304 26 or 51%
Centers with middle 80% membership count (412 centers) 176 196 or 48% 172 205 or 50%
Centers with bottom 10% memebrship counts (151 centers) 83 31 or 61% 89 25 or 49%
Average Gross Revenue No. of Studios No. of Studios Above Average High Reported Gross Revenue Median Low Reported Gross Revenue
Disclosed Studios $1.079.401 2 1 (or 50%) $1.314.141 $1.079.401 $844.661

FDD Disclosure: “In the Chart below in this Item, we disclose the average “Gross Revenue” generated from the calendar year 2019 (the “Measurement Period”) by the only two (2) Studios that were open and operated over that entire calendar year utilizing our Proprietary Marks and System (the “Disclosed Studios”).

These two Disclosed Studios opened in November 2013 and November 2015, respectively, and both have operated continuously since opening. We excluded the four (4) other Studios open and operating of as December 31, 2019 – one (1) of which was affiliate-owned, with the other three (3) owned and operated by our System franchisees – because those Studios did not open until some point in 2019 and, as such, were not open and operating over the entire Measurement Period.

This Item 19 also excludes any disclosures related to the two (2) pop-up “studios” that our founders operate from time-to-time on a temporary basis under the Proprietary Marks because these Studios are not operated in a substantially similar manner to the Franchised Business (in terms of hours of operation or Studio environment) and, as such, are not the kind of traditional Studio accounted for in this Disclosure Document.

We and the owner of the Disclosed Studios have an agreement for the Disclosed Studios to be operated pursuant to a franchise agreement with us and, once we enter into such franchise agreement(s), the Disclosed Studios will be operated as franchised Studios moving forward.”

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