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1Heart Caregiver Services: Interview with Randy Clarito (2024)

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1Heart Caregiver Services in Southern California offers quality senior home care for elderly relatives. 1Heart caregiver services is a franchise concept in the Healthcare Services industry. You will find in this video all the important facts you need to know before investing in this franchise. We will tell you metrics, data to take into account, and findings. Don’t miss this exclusive interview with Randy Clarito!

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Randy:— I’d like to introduce to you our 1Heart Caregiver Services. Has been in business for 16 years. It is run and managed by CEO founder and executives with more than 90 years of combined experience in healthcare experience and executive positions. Myself, my background is in 39 years in healthcare and massive franchising trained in St. Louis, Missouri.

We still run and manage our corporate-owned locations. That’s why we conduct not only the SWOT analysis, but the PEST analysis so we know what are the things that change the market, the political, economic, social, and technological side of it. So, this is one of the best practices to adapt to the changing market.

1 Heart Caregiver Services Franchise Questions and Answers

We provide continuous training on three important functions: sales and marketing, operations, and finance. We have a five-day business academy training at the start. After that, we have continuous training including field coaching and fieldwork visits to the franchisees.

Right now, we have implemented the monthly webinar so we have various topics every month on the sales and marketing operations and finance. So we’ve been in the business for many years so that we know we’ve managed to compete with the larger brands. So, if you’re going to say there are larger brands ahead of us or major competition in each city or location, more like we’ve competed with them and we know their operations, we know their pricing, we know their trade secrets as well.

Record performance throughout the pandemic

So since 2011, we have trained more than 3,000 caregivers. And even, with COVID, we did our online training, the care academy. We felt like we’re handling human lives so we need to make sure that the caregivers are fully equipped with all the safety and protection, and the best practices that all the seniors needed to be able to stay with us as a client.

So all of our franchisees have already experienced strong support every month. We can see that during COVID 2020 versus 2019, we grew by 22.7%. But when we gathered them all together during the COVID pandemic, the CEO reduced the fear, and we have a clear direction on how to navigate during the pandemic. So, that resulted in this year’s very high record performance. So, we expect to grow 78% to 82% this year versus last year.

And they’re a great high record for all franchisees. They’re reaching their high growth for this year. That’s why they’re looking into operating their second then third franchise locations. One will probably be looking at his fourth franchise location, and he partnered with some franchisees as well. So that’s a good thing for us.

Providing 8 to 24 hours a day will be a big help:
in their longevity, well-being, and improved lifestyle

1Heart Caregiver Services focuses on wellness

And one of the best things that we’ve done is, we offer the largest prime territories with a total population of 400,000 to 450,000, total population for each franchise territory. We have in-depth franchise territory market research of the area before we award it. For example, with one of your clients Armin: we did the real in-depth market research of his territory in California.

There are several unique senior care programs we can easily execute. I also help create and design some of these programs like the brain fitness education seminars that we do. We have neurobics brain exercises, fall prevention. All of these are meant to be able to make sure that we offer these wellness programs to the senior community. And because of this, it has differentiated us and allowed us to solidify our relationship and partnership with assisted living facilities for the past 16 years.

So this is great, because I know I believe that our healthcare industry is defective. It focuses on illness. 1Heart Caregiver Services focuses on wellness, hence all these wellness programs. So, because of this and the continuing education, we have 1Heart Caregiver University. I’m the co-founder of 1Heart Caregiver University.

1heart caregiver services

1 heart caregiver services reviews

Jack:— Very interesting. And thanks for going all over that, Randy. And would you also mind identifying kind of the main sources of revenue for a franchise like which services that, you know, people hire 1Heart Caregiver Services for?

One-on-one private care duty

R:— Yeah. One of the main streamlines of revenue that they can get is by doing the one-on-one private care duty where we provide caregivers to seniors who are in their private homes or major assisted living facilities. So many of the seniors live in their assisted living facilities so that’s where we have worked for the past 16 years. That’s one big revenue.

Imagine, if you have like 8 hours to 24 hours a day service, and it’s going to last for 2 to 10 years because many seniors live by themselves. They’re unable to function with their activities of daily living. So providing 8 to 24 hours a day will be a big help for them, helping them in their longevity, well-being, and improved lifestyle.

Staffing solutions

Another revenue stream that we have mastered over the years is staffing solutions. So the staffing contracts that we have signed with assisted living facilities allow us to have our franchisees reach a volume business in these major senior living facilities. Many of these assisted living facilities are in different states all across the US. So if they have that in the East Coast, Texas, Arizona, they will be able to utilize the contracts that we have to be able to build the good business reference and start the right business for them.

Referral comissions

Then another revenue stream is if they recommend and refer seniors to assisted living facilities so that way we get some referral commissions. The franchisee also gets to earn out of that. So those are real three solid revenue streams that they can take advantage of, things we’ve done. As I mentioned, we still run our corporate locations. So we continue to build this business and they can make use of that in their own franchise territories.

J:— For sure. For sure. Because I know, in this industry, the caregiver industry, having the right references is really important, having the right connections and, as you said, the fact that 1Heart Caregiver Services works with some brands that are located not just in one geographic area, but kind of in other places throughout the US…


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