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1000 Degrees Pizza Franchise Review (2024) 

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1000 Degrees is a fast casual pizza that serves thin crust Neapolitan style brick oven pizza, Roman style thick crust, fire roasted wings, and create your own salads. At over 1000 degrees, their oven rotates the pizzas directly across the flames in just about 2 minutes. With such extreme heat, and fast cooking times, quality cheeses, sauces, meats and veggies maintain their true taste

The crust is cooked throughout with a mild char just like in the old country, made from genuine “type 00 neapolitan style″ flour.  At 1000 Degrees they use use the freshest veggies, fresh vine ripe tomatoes, and the highest quality meats, which is why their customers rave about how their pizza is the best in the business.

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!000 Degrees Pizza Management Team

An accomplished entrepreneur, Brian Petruzzi owns and operates five companies in several distinct industries. He most recently established 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in 2014, which has since expanded from its home base in Galloway, New Jersey, to include locations across the state. Brian Petruzzi also has overseen the company’s expansion into California and Connecticut, as well as its evolution into a global company. In March 2015, the pizzeria opened its first international location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Brian Petruzzi continues to lead 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizza’s focus on fresh ingredients, authentic taste, and a unique customer experience. He oversees the acquisition of top-quality cheeses, flours, and meats as well as local vegetables.

Under his direction, the company has crafted a menu that includes build-your-own pizzas and salads as well as classic recipes, Neapolitan Fire Roasted Wings, and other signature options.

Franchise Fast Food Industry Industry Analysis 

Franchise Strengths 

  • Very experienced franchise management team that has opened up locations in a wide variety of states
  • Use of high quality ingredients leads to a superior tasting and healthier product that is evident to consumers
  • Strong gross margin business
  • Differentiated product offering at an affordable price point baked quickly through an innovative baking process

1000 Degrees Pizza Weaknesses

  • Location and site selection are quite important in dictating the success of the business
  • Margins have the potential to be eroded due to changes in price of ingredients and / or increase in labor costs
  • Many pizza competitors exist which can make it difficult for the consumer to differentiate
1000 degrees pizza

Fast Food Industry Franchise Opportunities 

  • Opportunity to grow with an emerging yet experienced franchisor that is rapidly growing all over the U.S.
  • Huge industry that is continuing to grow – the pizza industry is worth over $38bn a year in the U.S.
  • 93% of Americans go out for pizza or buy grocery-store pizza at least one a month(1)
  • Opportunity to differentiate from competitors through quick service pizza at an affordable price point. Also offers gluten-free products

Threats in the Fast Food Industry Franchise Market

  • Operating in a large, competitive market 
  • Potential for more consumers to choose to cook and eat meals at home
  • Potential for food tastes to change and failure to adapt to those changes
  • Profits can be negatively impacted due to close proximity of a similar competitor

How much is a 1000° Degrees Pizzeria Franchise?

1000° Degrees Pizzeria Franchise cost ranges from $220,650 to $784,250 according to the 2019FDD.

Cost Types Amount (in USD) When Due To Whom Payment is to Be Made
Low High
Franchise Fee $29.500 $29.500 Signing of FDD Franchisor
Tile Package $1.400 $20.000 Signing of FDD Designated Vendors/ Third Parties
Initial Development Package $84.200 $210.500 Prior to Opening Designated Vendors/ Third Parties
Construction Design and Engineering Fees $8.000 $25.000 As Incurred Third Party Suppliers
Leasehold Improvements $65.000 $360.000 As Incurred/Before Opening Vendors/ Designated Suppliers/ Service Providers
Grand Opening Advertising $10.000 $25.000 As Incurred/Before Opening Vendors/ Designated Service Providers
Permits $500 $5.000 Before Opening Third Party
Legal Expenses $500 $2.000 Before Opening Third Party
Insurance $750 $3.750 Before Opening Third Party
Travel and Living Expenses while Training $800 $3.500 During Training Airlines, Hotels, Restaurants, Etc.
Real Estate Rental Fees (first 3 months) $1.000 $45.000 As Incurred Service Providers
Opening Inventory $4.000 $20.000 As Incurred Designated Vendors
Additional Funds (first 3 months) $15.000 $35.000 As Incurred Service Providers/ Vendors/ Suppliers/ Third Party
Total $220,650 $784,250
Royalty Ad-Fund Local Ad-Fund
6,0% 2,0% 2,0%

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