Solutions for professional investors

Vetted Biz has assisted investors both big and small by getting the right data in their hands.
Solutions for professional investors

Importance of clean, accurate data

When making million-dollar investment decisions, you need the right data to back your thesis, then invest and monitor.

Vetted Biz offers the data and analysis you need to back up your franchise investment decisions.

What do you get when you engage our services?

More time for deals

Let us help you clean and segment acquisition targets so you can focus on making the deal happen.

Access to our data team

Our 10+ member team is collecting, cleaning, storing, and analyzing franchise data on 5,500 franchise brands.

Return on investment

For the cost of an analyst, we’ll provide the value of a VP. Let’s find and vet your next deal today!

Get smarter, faster

We strive to constantly improve our comprehensive and proprietary franchise industry knowledge base through frequently updated data. See what your competitors are missing and engage with the right franchise opportunities before they are gone.

Through our 10+ years of experience working in the franchise & information services industry, we have continually gained deep insights on behalf of our 500+ clients

The best team at your disposal

Quickly begin combing through relevant research

The Vetted Biz team works to understand the needs of our clients in order to quickly begin combing through relevant research.

Investment, advisory, and private equity

We understand that investment, advisory, and private equity firms depend on receiving findings within a designated timeframe.

Working in a timely manner

Our team is accustomed to working in a timely manner on franchise projects that involve research, due diligence, and franchise industry reporting in order to meet the expectations of our clients.

Prior experience working

Our executive team at Vetted Biz has prior experience working in the investment banking and finance industry and understands the high expectations for professionalism and discreetness firms in these industries are accustomed to.

We can help you source deals

We can help you source deals, conduct due diligence, and more easily communicate your investment decisions to stakeholders.

Our services available

We make our services available to you today so you can find, vet, and close your next deal.

To support your investment efforts , we encourage you to submit a request form and we will be happy to see how we can support your efforts.

Enterprise Client


For institutional investors (private equity/ hedge funds) and companies that can benefit from a dedicated client manager and data analyst.

Everything in Vetted Member, plus:

  • Access to data analyst to support with complex data requests in desired format (e.g. CSV)

  • Market mapping to identify opportunity pockets for acquisitions or organic growth

  • Target screening (buying franchisees and franchisors)

  • Conducting interviews with franchisees and franchisors for due dillgence

  • 10 to 100+ Vetted Member users for your team